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An Underwater Adventure Awaits In Elder Scrolls Online’s Graven Deep Dungeon

After taking up dastardly druids within the Earthen Root Enclave dungeon, Elder Scrolls Online gamers will dive down into the depths of the Abecean Sea within the Lost Depths DLC’s second dungeon – the Graven Deep.

“All who sail the Abecean Sea know of the perils of Graven Deep, a mysterious region infamous for the disappearance of many a vessel. Unfortunately for you, your ship is this treacherous region’s latest victim, and you and your party have washed up on a mysterious uncharted island at the center of it all. Thankfully, you are not alone, as the Mages Guild explorer Dhulef has also survived the shipwreck and has a mission for you.”

That mission includes coping with the mysterious island’s inhabitants, the fearsome Hadolid and their annoying pets, and investigating an underwater Dwarven observatory beneath the island. Inside the Dwarven advanced, gamers will face off in opposition to the spirits and the undead stays of these claimed by the Graven Deep’s supernatural storms as they make their option to the middle of the power.

They’ll additionally must cope with the guardians of the power in difficult new boss battles which embody a combat in opposition to a strong Lich defending the supply of the mysterious storms. For their troubles, gamers may have an opportunity to earn numerous loots and rewards unique to the dungeon, together with new Achievements, collectibles, three new armor units, and the Euphotic Gatekeeper monster helm.

“Graven Deep gave us the chance to explore Dwarven technology not seen in Tamriel before,” stated ESO Encounter Lead Mike Finnigan. “Built long ago, this place was once an underwater observatory, and being able to send players to the depths of the ocean was an awesome opportunity.”

“Sail to (or shipwreck upon) an uncharted island, battle your way through an ancient Dwarven complex, and solve the mystery of Graven Deep—what you discover beneath the waves may have consequences for the Legacy of the Bretons adventure to come,” wrote the devs. “Is your team ready to help Dhulef delve into this underwater facility?”

The Lost Depths DLC can be coming to PC/Mac and Stadia on August 22nd and to PlayStation and Xbox consoles on September 6th.



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