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Apex Legends Has Rolled Out A Fix For Season 14’s High-Level Rewards Bug

Since Apex Legends kicked off Season 14 earlier this month, excessive degree gamers have been stricken by a bug that prevented them from receiving rewards after they leveled up. The bug affected gamers degree 500 and up and, based on Respawn, was associated to the extent cap improve the was launched with the enlargement.

Season 14 bumped up the favored battle royale shooter’s degree cap from 500 to 2000 by looping gamers again by the extent 1 to 500 rewards thrice very similar to Prestige techniques in different MMOs. This basically confused the system, stopping gamers from receiving the suitable rewards for his or her degree. The excellent news is that the bug has now been fastened and extra measures have been put in place to make sure that gamers are granted the proper rewards each time.

“We have many different systems that keep track of players’ levels, rewards, and overall progress in the game,” Senior Community Manager Kalyrical defined on the FPS recreation’s subreddit. “When updating our level cap, some of these systems started to get matched. In this instance, we were able to develop a fix that didn’t require its own update and could take effect through our back end systems.” Additional sync checks have additionally been carried out to detect future mismatches and keep away from potential points sooner or later.

On the topic of reward bugs, top-tier gamers who completed with an Apex Predator rating on the finish of Season 13 have reported that they have been incorrectly awarded the badge for Master rank as a substitute. The builders are actively engaged on a repair for the mentioned concern though it’s proving to be fairly a problem.

“I’ve been trying to fix this [issue] for the past 6 months,” developer RobotHavGunz defined. “My fix works 100% of the time in our Dev environment and so far 0% of the time in live. Because we’ve had a couple times when we’re ‘sure’ we’ve fixed it and then it turns out not to work, we’ve stopped making more public posts on this issue.”

“Badges are a much more complex system than they might appear,” the dev added. “We can’t just “give” players these specific badges (because of how the system is built), though rewriting the badge system so that we can do exactly that is increasingly looking like it might be the best option.”

In any case, in the event you have been one of many gamers that have been affected by the reward bug, you need to now be capable of declare your rewards.



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