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Blizzard Accidentally Begins the Scourge Invasion Early in World of Warcraft Classic

There’s nothing like a shock Scourge Invasion. Maybe a deliberate one? After beforehand sharing a rundown of dates for updates and occasions that may lead into Wrath of the Lich King Classic on September twenty sixth, the Scourge Invasion has begun sooner than anticipated.

After some group members seen that the Scourge Invasion was occurring off schedule for what had been beforehand introduced for after the Zombie Plague, World of Warcraft group supervisor Kaivax confirmed the unintended early launch. 

“We previously believed that the Scourge Invasion would start 168 hours after the Zombie Plague. That’s why we used the dates we used in our posts about these events. Nonetheless, a trigger for this next set of conditions fired off at 72 hours, which was earlier today for all realms in this region.”

This implies that on the Classic servers, apart from Eranikus, which was simply opened days in the past, at the moment are in the course of all of it. As a results of the early set off for the Scourge Invasion, and the already in place consideration and intentional delay of the Zombie Plague for many who are simply getting began on Eranikus, issues will get quick tracked there. In truth, Eranikus will skip the Zombie Plague fully and transfer proper to the Scourge Invasion someday quickly, presumably tonight.

With the unintended early begin there comes a silver lining, as a result of all the Scourge Invasion will final solely till the servers all formally open for Wrath Classic and Northrend is open. 

So for those who’ve been ready for what you anticipated can be one other few days for the entire Scourge Invasion to reach, you’ve received this weekend to get in there and tackle these pre-expansion occasions, and a bit of extra time to undergo them once more earlier than the growth is stay.

See the announcement over at World of Warcraft.



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