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Bug Fixes – September 22, 2022 – Fractured Online

Hey everybody,
we have now a brand new bugfix patch for you immediately! This submit additionally contains the log for the hotfix patch launched on Sunday, which was disclosed on Discord solely.

🇩🇪 Bug Fixes
🇪🇸 Bug Fixes
🇫🇷 Bug Fixes

Terra Fixes

Below are all of the bug fixes particularly associated to the continent of Terra:

• Fixed a bug that will forestall the Arboreus model of the Carpenter and Food Stockpile to be inbuilt full. Existing buildings should still be not completable. Please attain out to an admin who will delete them for you and show you how to rebuild them.
• All sorts of cooked meat can now be become dried meat sacks within the Packaging Station
• Fixed a bug that will typically trigger Wildfolk to have the flawed weapon animation on login (“tabbing” to change weapon was required to repair it).
• The spawn of monsters on Terra has been rebalanced. Creatures with Challenge Rating >= 5 just like the Komodo Dragon not spawn within the South-Western half of the world, whereas some others with CR 4 (e.g. Giant Bullfrog, Sproutling) at the moment are rarer
• The respawn time of the Toxic Dartfrog is now appropriately 10 minutes as an alternative of 6 seconds
• Duplicate monster spawners within the volcanic space have been eliminated.
Harbor journey prices on Terra at the moment are right.

Other Fixes

Below you will see that extra bug fixes:

• Fixed a bug that will “break” characters dying of starvation – they’d see themselves known as “Prometheus” (the default textual content within the UI) and must relog to make the character work once more.
Disconnecting when useless due to “execute” or “suicide” not causes a personality to log again into the sport alive.
• Several fixes to “friendly fire” have been carried out. The most necessary one is that it was ignoring the “aggressive” standing of gamers hit. As an instance, this allowed griefers to select a Good alignment, grow to be Aggressive and damage different non-Aggressive Good gamers via AOE spells
Character respecs at the moment are (actually) purposeful. The respec time has been reset for all gamers, so you possibly can respec instantly. All characters with invalid stats have been mounted.
• It is now attainable to journey from Myr to Aerhen by way of harbor.
• The hearth has been added to begin taverns on Aerhen.
• The location column within the guild menu has been eliminated (it wasn’t working).
• The gold withdraw / deposit slider now makes use of 9 digits as an alternative of 5.




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