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Chimeraland Adds Dululululu, Its First Noble Evolutionary Flower Fairy

Chimeraland has added a brand new Noble creature, its first Noble Evolutionary Flower Fairy, Dululululu. It’s a little bit of a mouthful to say the title, however the introduction of this new kind of fairy comes with some potential benefits.

If you could have any want to get your palms on one in every of these fairies, you’ll need to get a Blushpuff Egg by monitoring down and capturing the Pombug creature often known as the Blushpuff. You have an opportunity to get the egg whenever you seize the bug. Another method of getting your palms on one in every of these eggs is by killing a Venus fly lure to seize the prey it has inside, and there is a probability that you will get an egg because of this. Of course, it’s also possible to purchase an egg immediately from the public sale home should you select.

The Dululululu is a Blushpuff evolution.Once you could have the egg, you may take it to the Spirit Witch named Trahaearn to incubate the egg and evolve it.  There’s an entire checklist of duties you may must do so as to evolve your fairy however if you would like this particular creature, that’s what it takes. 

If you make it via the checklist of duties and get your fairy, you’ll get Dululululu’s Frame, a brand new Title, and its unique voice, full with fairy songs. You can even use her to fly you round like a mount, and should you try this you’ll autoscale in dimension all the way down to the fairy’s dimension. 

Chimeraland is a recreation constructed on capturing and evolving new creatures and constructing your collections. 

This month, there are a number of ocean-themed occasions taking place should you’re not seeking to journey across the land in the hunt for issues you want to verify off your activity checklist to evolve the brand new fairy. Dulululu is just not useful in water, unfrortunately.

For extra, head to Chimeraland.



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