Home MMO Failed MMO Legends of Aria Pitches $70 Pay To Win Pack

Failed MMO Legends of Aria Pitches $70 Pay To Win Pack

Failed MMO Legends of Aria Pitches $70 Pay To Win Pack


In case you didn’t really feel fleeced the primary time the sport failed.

Legends of Aria is many issues, particularly a failed MMO that launched in August 2019 for the worth of $30, peaked at about 1,170 customers on Steam earlier than most of these gamers deserted ship throughout the following three months. A failed MMO that absolutely launched in July 2020 as a free to play sport solely to see an unsustainable drop in customers collapse to double digit figures that exact same yr. A failed MMO that was poached by the suitably named firm Reaper Video games and transformed right into a blockchain title. As a result of that’s what occurs to all of the failed MMOs nowadays, they find yourself on on the blockchain as failed relaunches.

Legends of Aria, which I’ll remind you failed to attract in customers at $30 and even free of charge, is now making an attempt to entice suckers with a $70 restricted pay to win pack. As introduced on the Discord, the pack is restricted to 250 provide, prices about $70 USD, and consists of characters pre-built with seven expertise at various ranges of coaching relying in your tier. You additionally acquire expertise at a charge of 200% the conventional drop and obtain unique entry to different digital nonsense to lose your cash on. Your tier in fact is totally random and drawn on the level of buy, as a result of make no mistake nothing on this pack is truthful.

Now you is likely to be asking your self “what good is spending $70 on a pre-built character for a sport that’s already failed as soon as? Gained’t the one different individuals be the 249 different suckers who additionally purchased their characters?” Nice query, and one you’re clearly good sufficient to know the reply to earlier than you requested.

The Legends of Aria makes use of the Solaria forex, which abbreviates to SOL, which is completely becoming as a result of anybody who spends $70 on the relaunch of a failed MMO goes to be shit out of luck when the economic system collapses and the sport’s inhabitants flatlines the second time round. And by flatlines I imply by no means will get off the bottom, as a result of launching a failed MMO on the blockchain is simply barely much less off-putting to your common gamer than launching the sport with the flag of Hamas in your company web site.

In any other case I’ve no opinion on the matter.



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