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Fallout 76 heads to QuakeCon and hosts a savory Meat Week

Wasteland survivors will wish to take a break from digging by means of rubbish cans and piles of Super Mutant meat sacks when August 18th rolls round. That’s as a result of Bethesda is making the journey to QuakeCon to do a particular presentation on Fallout 76.

“For Fallout 76 this year, we’ve lined up a Developer Q&A panel where members of the development team will be discussing Expeditions, The Pitt, and more,” Bethesda mentioned. The panel will probably be at 4:30 pm japanese on August 18th and will be considered on Twitch.

In the in the meantime, Fallout 76 is internet hosting a number of occasions this month: Double XP (Aug 18-22), Meat Week (Aug 16-30), Double SCORE (Aug 11-16), and Double Bullion (Aug 11-15). The SCORE occasion, particularly, was prompted by some prolonged upkeep this previous week.

“The Meat-Cook will appear every hour at the top of the hour in the Forest, just south of Vault 76. There, Grahm and Chally will be working hard to put on the best party they possibly can for all their human friends—but they’ll still need a few helping hands.”




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