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Just a Peek into Utgarde Keep

As I mentioned, we had been already there, already on the edge of the primary dungeon in Northrend, already contained in the tower that dominates the pinnacle of Howling Fjord.

It does stand out

And, as I additionally famous, we had the group collectively, had the quests, and had been all stage 70.

The group of the day

It appeared prefer it could be time for a check run, time to check out some actual mobs in an occasion, or a minimum of do one thing that wasn’t going to run Potshot ragged operating two characters.  The twin boxing mantra had been “it will be easier in an instance” up so far.  So in we went.

Inside Utgarde Keep

There had been two elite mobs up on the high of these steps, so we had been going to have to truly work as a bunch and canopy our particular roles… like I used to be going to have to truly be a tank.

I had learn the part on tanking as a safety pally over at Icy Veins, had use the expertise spec they really useful, and was prepared to make use of the rotation they really useful, which largely appeared to imply AOE’ing every thing and hope that my mana stayed topped up by way of religious attunement and the truth that Fergorin was going to be dropping numerous heals on me.

We weren’t particularly equipped.  We simply had the primary spherical of inexperienced quest gear from the beginning zones and a few glyphs on folks.  Otherwise, we had been fairly uncooked on the preparation entrance.

But, we managed to kill these first two guys, and the blokes behind them and so forth till we received out to the furnace of hate the place, slightly than teams of 1 or two mobs, we needed to tackle three.

Viewing the Furnace of Hate

We tried to sheep one man, however he someway broke that in a short time, I ended up with three mobs on me, took plenty of injury, ran Fergorin out of mana, then died, resulting in a scramble for the close by exit.  Not a full wipe, however a nasty struggle.

That led to some re-tooling as we realized that we didn’t have all our buffs up and I had left one Holy Shield out of my rotation.  We received ourselves again collectively and had been profitable on the following strive, and subsequent teams as we made our means across the furnace to the dragon pens.

It was additionally about them I noticed that Wrath dungeons include maps.

Utgarde Keep decrease map

The dragons within the pens are double measurement elites, however we managed to tackle the primary couple with out concern.

In the dragon pens

There was a little bit of a hiccup mid-way by way of, however we pressed on and managed to clear that room.

After that we pressed on, clearing the hallway and heading up the steps till we made to the Reaver’s Hall, the situation of the primary boss.

Reaver’s Hall and no Asher in sight

On the far aspect of the room is Prince Keleseth, the primary boss of Utgarde Keep and one thing of our nemesis again within the day.

A humorous factor is that my reminiscence of the scenario doesn’t match up with the fact of the previous posts of our authentic runs in Wrath.  In the model my reminiscence tells, we failed at Prince Keleseth time and again till we lastly had a “git gud” second and went and skim regardless of the elite raiding discussion board was again within the day… the title escapes me now… elitist jerks perhaps?

Anyway, we learn up, figured issues out, got here again and wiped the ground with Keleseth and carried on earlier than us.

In actuality, we truly managed to convey down Keleseth earlier than we received ourselves straightened out, regardless of placing up some fairly low DPS numbers.

You name this injury?

It was, in actual fact, Ingvar the Plunderer that was our nemesis.  We couldn’t get by way of each rounds of his struggle till we had gotten ourselves higher.  We even, at one level when Bung was away, did Keleseth as a bunch of 4.

I received in some warmth with the group for posting our injury meter output, however that received us suggestions that we had been very low in our injury output.  That was what received us to lookup easy methods to be higher.

Anyway, all of that’s within the depths of the weblog beneath the Utgarde Keep tag when you click on it and scroll down.

Which, after all, doesn’t imply that we had been in any respect able to face Keleseth with our group of 4+1.  But we had been prepared to offer it a strive.

First we needed to clear the 4 mobs that stand earlier than Keleseth, which took us two tries.  We wiped on the primary run as a result of we picked the casters as the primary targets.  However, they put up injury shields and grasp on for a very long time, letting the opposite mobs beat us right into a pulp.

The second time round it was casters first and we completed them off.  Then it was time for Keleseth… and attempting to recollect how the struggle goes.  We remembered  the ice block factor, the place a random member of the group will get hit by an ice block that places 400 DPS on the sufferer till it wears out or till the occasion burns it down.

But the provides had been type of up within the air.  I knew we received some group that may present up, perhaps greater than as soon as.  As for the place to struggle Keleseth, I received it in my head that we must always pull him again to the steps on the head of the room.  I don’t know why.  In hindsight that wasn’t an incredible concept, simply giving him some free pictures on me till I line of sighted him to us.

So the primary spherical was a wipe.  Things went badly.  Mistakes had been made,

Dead on the steps

We adjusted the plan, wiped once more.  At that time, Beanpole went paper doll on his tools, which I assume he hadn’t repaired lately.  However, it turned out that I had a discipline restore bot in my stock.  So I deployed that and received us all repaired in addition to promoting some extra objects in our luggage.

Getting our repairs finished

Going by way of my bag I noticed that I had potions and issues, stuff which may truly assist in a struggle.

However, that didn’t assure success.  We gave Keleseth a pair extra tries, however couldn’t fairly pull it off.

I’ve died right here earlier than

I fumbled my very own therapeutic a few instances.  When you die and haven’t used a well being potion or your well being stone, you could have screwed up as a tank.  We received shut nevertheless.

If solely the tank hadn’t died within the first 15 seconds…

It seems like we’ve got all of the items for a profitable run.  We… and particularly me… must get on high of our execution.  But not like the previous days, we’ve got loads of DPS at hand.  Tanking I used to be placing out near 700 DPS, whereas Beanpole was previous 1,100 and Ula previous 1,300.

One minor hiccup is Ula being a frost mage, so her DPS received’t harm Keleseth’s ice block routine.

Yeah, for you… subsequent time!

Our hunter DPS, Fergorin’s second account, which simply stands again and shoots, did add to our injury… and appeared to have a lot larger survivability than a few of us.  You can see his pet on Keleseth whereas there I’m, useless on the bottom once more.

I needed to name it for dinner or we’d have tried a number of extra instances.  But it was only a check run for the group.

Next time round we’ll place ourselves higher.  Fergorin discovered a pleasant video on the occasion and I learn some additional objects that recommend taking the struggle to Keleseth and conserving the group tight in order that the skeletons that he summons… and which he revives all through the struggle… don’t get uncontrolled and in order that AOE can be utilized to assist with the ice block drawback.

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