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Lord of the Rings Online is about to offer soloers a approach to earn raid gear

In an hour-and-a-half Q&A video this previous Friday, Standing Stone Games’ Allan “Orion” Maki took the middle stage to subject quite a few questions from the Lord of the Rings Online group.

Just in case you don’t have time to look at all 94 minutes, we’ve summarized a few of the most vital InfoNuggets™ in your mind to digest:

  • Lag: It’s a “main issue” and the “highest priority from an engineering standpoint.” Maki stated that the studio has carried out some “significant investigating” and recognized some areas that have to be fastened. Some of those backend modifications needs to be discovering their means into the sport this fall. “This is something we know is important, and we need to make sure we address it.”
  • Class modifications: Classes want a “freshening up.” Most of the controversial Minstrel modifications are “set in stone” at this level. “We are looking at every class moving forward. Some need more help than others.” Wardens, Guardians, and Lore-masters had been particularly talked about as in want of help. Some lessons will see yellow flip right into a utility line, however not all lessons. The studio desires all lessons to have the ability to DPS in raids, though Hunters and Champions might be “top dogs” on this division.
  • Virtue grind: The staff is taking a look at some modifications to virtues, however not instantly and never radically.
  • Traversable boats: No plans at the moment. Mounted fight was cited as a motive to not pursue this, as that system was “costly” on the servers. Mounted fight might be checked out in 2023.
  • Treebeard server: SSG desires to attract extra folks to this legendary server.
  • Level cap improve: There is one deliberate for the longer term, however no additional particulars.
  • UI improve: SSG doesn’t have the time and sources proper now for an entire UI overhaul.
  • Skirmish: A brand new skirmish is popping out quickly. System received’t be getting a revamp, however SSG might be taking a look at it.
  • Monster play: SSG is at “Step 2 of 4 or 5” of modifications deliberate for this technique. Some “significant” and “sweeping” modifications might be hitting on the time of Before the Shadow.
  • Before the Shadow and delvings: The objective of the mini-expansion (coming This fall 2022) is to offer “cool new ways to engage with the game.” Specifically, the delving system has the staff very excited, giving non-raiders a approach to pursue endgame targets and get raid-worthy gear with earned forex. There might be rotating “challenges” to maintain missions spicy. Delvings might be rolled into outdated cases as nicely and might be “pretty difficult.” Orion stated that gamers can count on as much as two dozen new missions with the discharge. Delvings received’t be coming to skirmishes.
  • Early leveling: Orion acknowledged that 1-20 isn’t as quick accurately because of too many quests, an excessive amount of operating, and the overlong Archet beginner expertise.
  • Crafting and kinships: The staff is taking a look at crafting and kinships as outdated and clunky methods in want of streamlining and enhancements.
  • “We all really love this game, and by proxy, the players.”




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