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There is actually no finish to the matters to debate about Lord of the Rings Online, however typically I wish to take a break to do one thing slightly enjoyable on this house. And whereas the dev group has added solely 4 courses for the reason that sport’s launch, I’ve been considering quite a bit about what different courses may doubtlessly be created for LOTRO.

This is a harder psychological train than one might initially assume, as any future courses have to suit inside the framework of the lore and world. They must have a extra Middle-earth grounded high quality to them than, say, a magic archer or machine gunner. And they’d have to suit the “good guys” aspect of the equation, so no necromancers or something of that kind.

So for enjoyable in the present day, listed below are seven concepts for future courses in our favourite MMO!

Animal Trapper

To begin off, I needed to incorporate a brand new pet class into the combination. I really like pet courses in MMOs and really feel that there’s by no means sufficient of them. The problem with this in LOTRO is to make a brand new class of that kind distinct sufficient from the Captain and Lore-master.

So my thought is the Animal Trapper (or Animal Tamer). The class’ signature means can be to lure and tame animals throughout the panorama which can be the participant’s stage or much less. Players may lure and retailer as much as three animals that they might then unleash one at at time to help in fight. The catch? Each animal would solely final for a brief period of time (a couple of minutes at low ranges to possibly 15 at greater ones), requiring gamers to always be trapping new animals alongside the way in which and strategically utilizing those they have already got.

I’d additionally see the category utilizing a sling as a ranged weapon that could possibly be loaded with various kinds of shot for quite a lot of results.


Forget the sword; navy historians will let you know that the actual king of medieval battlefields was the spear. It had an extended attain and will even be used as a protection towards cavalry. LOTRO doesn’t have a lot illustration within the spear division apart from the Warden and Captain, and so I feel {that a} Pikeman may squeeze in there to supply extra specialization in long-reach melee fight.

Giving the Pikeman a larger distance on his or her weapon would supply a number of further hits earlier than an enemy may shut vary. And in reality, I envision the category utilizing the pike to push again the enemy outdoors of its melee vary. In teams, this is able to be a approach to shield weaker courses by shoving mobs away from them.

Pikemen would specialise in armor penetration, bleeding, and pinning (beautiful) a mob for a short while. It would additionally have interaction the usage of short-range axes and swords when an enemy closed the gap.


This class was truly steered by one among my kinmates, who speculated that since there was a complete group of seafaring bandits round Gondor, it stands to motive that some would possibly turn out to be reformed and battle for the nice guys.

There’s actually potential in a pirate-like class, each with theming and weapons. A great cutlass-and-dagger combo would make up the signature combating fashion of the Corsair. They may specialise in dueling or soiled methods (relying when you just like the excessive or low floor), and possibly they actually have a little pet (chicken? monkey?) perched on the shoulder who could possibly be launched every now and then for an assault or impact.

Corsairs can be professional treasure hunters, capable of extract extra vendor trash or cash from mobs. However, the compromise is that the category wouldn’t be capable of take up any crafting or gathering professions. Being a pirate is a full-time job!


Part of the issue of this listing is arising with courses distinct sufficient from present ones. And I’ll admit that with most of them, there’s sufficient crossover that you may argue towards their existence. Still, I really feel that variations have their worth.

So I’ll acknowledge the presence of each the Burglar and Hunter whereas proposing the Scout. The idea here’s a class that has a ridiculous quantity of motion skills however not the mapping skills of the Hunter. Scouts can run quicker than different courses, leap again when a mob closes in, climb quick distances, and routinely assume a type of half-stealth stage at any time when they arrive to a full cease. They’d assault with a crossbow as a main weapon and possibly have a number of extra Ranger-style survival methods up their sleeves.


Not each battle in Middle-earth must be resolved with blunt-force trauma and lightning strikes. The Diplomat would make use of the ability of the spoken phrase to, how shall I say this, mess with the minds of enemies. A well-spoken character would possibly even persuade an enemy mob to battle on its aspect for a short time, collapse on themselves in confusion, cower in dismay, or lose morale at a gentle tempo.

I’ll admit that I’m struggling for a weapon for this class. A single dagger (possibly with a buckler) is perhaps an possibility for a back-up, or a scroll from which the character might learn.


Here we encroach upon the Lore-master’s territory a tad, however I like the thought of a category that’s way more about brewing up poisons, potions, and different helpful concoctions. The Alchemist would have a belt that will include two to 5 slots that could possibly be personalized with particular glass phials.

These phials could possibly be employed to assist or damage as wanted, and combos of them thrown in fast succession would possibly set off a combo. The slots would then regenerate routinely (a cooldown interval), so the Alchemist might need to make use of another techniques in the intervening time. Maybe handfuls of acidic mud or glass powder thrown into the eyes?

Secondary courses

Considering that LOTRO’s sister sport DDO is at present exploring sub-classes within the type of archetypes, I used to be musing about the way it would possibly work right here. Surely, creating a brand new class from scratch is extremely daunting, however how about sub-classes within the type of further expertise timber? Say, at stage 80 or 100, all characters can be granted the selection to select a secondary class out of the identical pool (i.e., class agnostic timber).

These secondary courses may add some taste, add extra non-combat utility, or give courses an choice to shore up a few of their weaker spots. There could possibly be an explorer sub-class for further motion round Middle-earth, a seeker sub-class that will acquire entry to further lore and secrets and techniques world wide, a survivalist sub-class that might pitch a tent and acquire entry to buffs, and so forth.

OK, my daydreaming has come to an finish. I’ll toss this to you: What can be a future class that you just’d wish to see in LOTRO, and the way would it not match with the lore and present construction of the sport?

Every two weeks, the LOTRO Legendarium goes on an journey (horrid issues, these) by the wondrous, terrifying, inspiring, and, effectively, legendary on-line world of Middle-earth. Justin has been enjoying LOTRO since its launch in 2007! If you will have a subject for the column, ship it to him at




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