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My Daily Wordle Routine | The Ancient Gaming Noob

I’ve talked about Wordle and Wordle-like video games earlier than, in addition to a number of of the cinema targeted variations.

An honest day at Wordle

The take a look at of time although is whether or not or not you retain taking part in.  Somehow a number of of those I discussed have change into a part of my day by day routine.

I do get pleasure from a routine, and Wordle is now a part of the beginning of my day.  Most mornings I get up round 6am.  This isn’t as a result of I need to or as a result of my alarm goes off… my alarm is ready for 7am… it’s as a result of I’ve change into my grandfather and now get up at 6am beneath just about all circumstances.

On waking… and doubtless scooching the a cat to provide myself some room… I decide up my iPad off of the night time stand and have a look at e mail and the morning information headlines in Flipboard.  I don’t have a look at the weblog stats, however solely as a result of my iPad is from 2015 and out of help so the app now not runs on it.

Anyway, the following factor I do is open up Chrome and do the 5 morning puzzles, that are:


The authentic, now owned by the New York Time.  It is mostly a reasonably easy process judging from my stats… and remembering that I managed to resolve it in be, on my iPad, at round 6am each morning.

My morning Wordle stats

And I believe its simplicity is a part of the attraction.  I discussed Quordle and Octordle beforehand, however I don’t suppose 6am me is up for that.  Also, each of these really want a full monitor to play successfully, not my outdated iPad Air.


It is difficult to elucidate why I do that one day by day, as I’m fairly dangerous at it.  Somehow I managed to resolve this in fewer strikes than I do Wordle far too usually.  Every from time to time I’ll get a great run and get to 10 or 13 guesses earlier than I’m locked into the apparent reply.  But three or 4 guesses are much more frequent… or really feel much more frequent.  The upside of the sport is that it doesn’t hassle protecting stats, so it is just how nicely I did that day.


This one might be probably the most amusing.  As famous beforehand, you get whole export worth and the array of products exported and it’s important to guess which nation or territory it’s.  Potshot and I toss our day by day scores right into a Discord channel everyone else has muted and that is most likely the one we chat about most frequently.

Trouble spots for each of us are the Caribbean, west Africa, and the Balkans… although the Balkans are bother for everyone traditionally.  They all comprise areas with plenty of small international locations so you may find yourself taking part in a sport of guessing hopscotch, getting barely nearer however by no means fairly arriving in your six guesses.

We have adopted a “places beginning with ‘saint’” technique for the Caribbean, and when confronted with West Africa I’m going for Benin or Cameroon.  The Balkans although, you simply need to be fortunate.  And even with our methods, some days the automate system throws some real bullshit out approach.

Really Tradle? I checked, no person lives there!

Still, even with the geographical foibles, I do okay with it.

My Tradle stats

Probably probably the most embarrassing factor is once you get repeats… as a result of the nation is picked day by day by RNG as far as I can inform.. and also you do worse when the identical place reveals up.  I believe we had Portugal three time within the final 4 weeks and I received it in 2, 3, then 5 guesses.


This has ended up being my favourite of the film themed variations on Wordle.  I like once they put up a very obscure picture from a film and I get it on the primary go.   Though virtually equally amusing is once I managed to guess appropriately for films I’ve by no means seen.

It has a reasonably deep discipline of flicks and, as I stated in my authentic have a look at it, whoever put it collectively does an excellent job of development with the six photos, going from fairly obscure to apparent if you happen to’ve seen it and bear in mind it by the ultimate pic.  I really feel like I do fairly nicely on this one, although my file is much from excellent.

My Framed stats

If I get it in a single I most likely know the movie, if I get it in six it’s usually one thing I’ve by no means seen however they’re rubbing my nostril in it with the lead actors or a well-known scene.


I assumed this sport was ridiculously onerous once I began on it and will solely resolve it by dishonest rampantly, utilizing Wikipedia to match up blanked out title strings.

However, I’ve gotten higher at it over time.  I imply, I nonetheless cheat, simply not as utterly as I used to.  Once I get one title from the checklist nailed down I’m fairly good at fixing it, so I’ve resolved to not cheat till I get not less than as soon as hit on a title.  Also, attempting to match the x’d out title names with Wikipedia was a ache within the ass.

Once I get a title, often via guessing at a number of actors who’ve been in plenty of issues… Bruce Willis is a latter day Michael Caine in that regard, and Chris Evans will unlock most of your MCU titles… then I’m going to Wikipedia.  So my file is surprisingly good as a result of I cheat.

Yesterday’s Actorle with my stats

Still, I do get one every now and then with out dishonest in any respect. Keanu Reeves got here up at some point and I received that on the primary guess.  Titles with particular characters, like Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure are simple to identify.

However, the makers of Actorle have give you a brand new model, Actorle.television, which is, because the title suggests, based mostly on TV roles somewhat than movie roles, and that may be much more tough.  They fairly shortly needed to put a change on the web page to point out solely main roles, as a result of JFC you may guess virtually any actor as of late and also you’ll discover they’ve had a one episode look on The Simpsons.  Still, I bang away at it.  Even with profound dishonest engaged I’m nonetheless dangerous at it, partly as a result of I don’t know as many TV actors as I do movie actors it appears.


Finally, there’s Heardle, which I discussed in passing, however which has change into a daily on my rotation, simply not within the morning.  Instead, I play this within the night with my spouse who prides herself on her music information.  I can get the actually apparent 70s and 80s songs, however want her to get me previous that.

And she doesn’t put up with shedding, so if we’re on the final guess, she’ll get Shazam out on her cellphone to inform us what it’s, so our file is totally bogus.  It can also be fairly quick as a result of, because the New York Times purchased Wordle, so Spotify purchased Heardle and, in doing so, managed to reset our stats.

That factor concerning the stats, it’s a lie

My spouse additionally has no persistence for scoring and infrequently tells me to only exit to the sixth guess, which supplies the utmost quantity of play.  She does nonetheless get a number of on the primary guess, however largely we’re there on the final guess, with Shazam serving to us most likely 1 / 4 of the time.



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