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Earlier this 12 months, Jagex changed the Old School RuneScape duel area with a brand new 1v1 model because the outdated model was getting used as a venue for real-money buying and selling (RMT) and different illicit actions. Just a few months after the revamp, and artful gamers have already tailored to the brand new format with new get-rich-quick schemes, prompting the studio to concern a warning.

The new scheme is known as “chucking” which includes betting massive quantities of GP on the 1v1 duel, often requiring a intermediary to award the padded winnings to the winner of the duel. More just lately, there have additionally been situations the place one participant would combat on behalf of one other for a lower of the inflated prize pool.

“As you know, the main reason for the Duel Arena’s removal was to stop activity which we deemed unacceptable in line with our rules,” mentioned Jagex. “However, we’ve noticed that since the introduction of the PvP Arena, these rulebreaking activities have adapted accordingly. These activities essentially mirror ‘commission staking’, and have become increasingly prevalent among previous residents of the Duel Arena.”

“We want to be clear: ‘community chucking’, whether hosting or participating, is NOT allowed and violates the Games of Chance section of our Game Rules,” warned the studio. “This applies regardless of whether or not the host receives a tip or not. Furthermore, any staking or dueling with the help of a middleman is also NOT allowed. We will take action against accounts and/or individuals involved in staking and chucking.”

Another exercise that Jagex warns is in violation of the sport’s phrases of use are re-roll giveaways. “A ‘re-roll giveaway’ is an activity where participants enter, sometimes at a fee, for the chance to win something. Once a number of players have entered, the host will pick a random winner from the list of entrants,” the studio defined. “After the winner is chosen, viewers are allowed and sometimes encouraged to send the host an offsite donation or tip – normally in the form of real-world money – to re-roll the result of the ‘giveaway’. This can happen any number of times, with a potentially infinite number of re-rolls.”

“These types of giveaways are NOT allowed, as they violate the rules found in the Real World Trading section. Hosts of these types of giveaways have and will continue to have action taken against them. Giveaways are only acceptable when they are run with good intent, simple mechanics and must be freely open to everyone,” the studio maintained.



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