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Quote of the Day – The Results of Perfectly Safe High Sec

High sec ganking has turn out to be the recent subject just lately. This seems to have stemmed from a streamer declaring in a video that they had been not going to supply EVE Online content material till CCP fixes the ganking concern.

A Charon being ganked in excessive sec

Technically the streamer stated the “griefing” and “harassment” points wanted to be mounted by CCP with out ever going into any element within the video as to what he really meant by these phrases.  But he slipped on the finish and stated “ganking,” and referred to a earlier video of his that went on about excessive sec ganking, so individuals who know higher than I have taken it as learn that the streamer is primarily speaking about ganking.

This led to some response by the individuals who run excessive sec ganking operations, with the Meta Show that includes a forged of gankers final week to speak about their aspect of issues, in addition to the same old spherical of “you consent to PvP when you undock” arguments.

There was nothing new to be seen there from these defending excessive sec ganking.

Nor was there something new from the streamer in query who declares that this type of factor is what’s holding EVE Online again, that for this reason persons are leaving the sport.

And I’ll stipulate that I agree, in a really common sense, that he’s appropriate.  That EVE Online‘s attraction is proscribed by it being a PvP title appears fairly apparent.  Beyond that, nonetheless, the concept stopping excessive sec ganking, which might essentially entail making excessive sec completely protected, is a foul thought.

It was a foul sufficient thought to take third place in my publish about the highest 5 unhealthy EVE Online concepts that can by no means die.

But proving it’s a unhealthy thought, going by the logic that will lead you to conclude that it could finish poorly for the sport, that has all the time been an issue.  People will ignore the proof and demand that completely protected excessive sec house wouldn’t been exploited,

Until now.

Captain Benzie confirmed up in one of many threads spawned by this to present their perspective on protected excessive sec by telling us how issues are going over in EVE Echoes:

Hi there, I’m a content material creator for EVE Echoes, and an avid EVE Online participant too.

In Echoes, Hisec is 100% protected. You can lock different gamers, however trying to aggress merely will get a warning of “You cannot do that”. Folks adore it in Echoes. Hisec being completely devoid of PvP offers gamers someplace they’ll go and simply endlessly grind ISK with out worrying about PvP.

And you understand what…?

Industry is useless due to a whole lack of destruction within the recreation. Our insurance coverage replaces ships instantly and creates purchase orders in the marketplace… But there may be merely not sufficient destruction to warrant any type of ship constructing market. There are not any significant ore sinks (we even have immediately respawning belts which implies the inflow of ores can be problematic).

Beyond this, a participant in a high finish PvE ship can simply grind out ISK to improve it totally, at which level, the ISK turns into an ephemeral excessive rating. What do you do with ISK when you’ve got a completely kitted ship and spares within the hangar anyway?

This means market costs are primarily based on their incomes. It additionally signifies that PLEX relies on their incomes too.

In brief, 100% protected Hisec completely destroys a recreation like this. It massively reduces destruction which kills business, and creates an countless ISK inflow which causes runaway, rampant inflation.

There is lots happening in EVE Echoes, and it isn’t precisely parallel to EVE Online, however what is occurring there with the financial system, that’s what would occur to our personal New Eden if CCP launched full security in excessive sec house.

The factor is, you don’t even have to have a look at EVE Echoes to see what would occur.  You simply have to have a look at every other title that permits you to accumulate wealth with out loss.  MUDflation?  Have you heard about it?

I suppose, on the brilliant aspect, CCP has at the least admitted that MUDflation is a matter they should take care of.  That their plan is to make ISK development tougher for anyone new to the sport looks as if it may be a foul plan for development, however at the least you get the sense that they know unhindered ISK taps can be a problem.



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