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Rise of the Guardians of Nature – Patch Notes – Fractured Online

The Wildfolk planet, Arboreus, is now accessible with its first continent Terra.
Terra is an unlimited land that extends for about 40km² and options a number of new biomes and areas, corresponding to:

• The seashore biome, which will be discovered surrounding the vast majority of Terra.
• The jungle biome, dwelling to overgrown wildlife.
• The mountain jungle biome, a variation of the jungle discovered at increased altitudes.
• The damaged islands, which will be discovered within the centre of the continent.
• The volcano biome, discovered on the East facet of Terra, the place ferocious fire-loving creatures reside.

Terra additionally options its personal distinctive Points of Interest (POI), the place you’ll discover a large number of latest foes to tackle, together with:

• The Grokoton villages with their loopy hanging platforms.
• The bandit camps – they’ve made landfall on Terra as properly!
• The Termidian nests. Tired of spiders on Syndesia? Meet the terrifying gigantic bugs of Terra. There’s a lot!
• The ogre villages. Not your common metal-loving Myr ogres – even monsters on Arboreus respect nature!

Across Terra you’ll discover many hostile creatures who’re attempting to defend their territory, together with (however not restricted to):

• The aforementioned lizard-like Grokotons, the human bandits, the Termidians and the Ogres of Arboreus.
• The huskworms… wait until you see their dying animation! Nightmare gas.
Giant turtles, crabs, and crocodiles, in order that even your seaside journey is haunted.
Giant frogs, large lizards, large all the pieces. That’s Arboreus for you!
Dragons. Arboreus has dragons! (and dragonlings)

In sum, that’s over 40 new distinctive foes, so there’s actually quite a bit to find on Terra. Never earlier than now we have launched to many new creatures in a single replace.

New talents have been added for gamers to acquire:

A extra detailed lifetime of the brand new talents will be present in this Forum submit!

The Guardians of Nature rise!

Along Terra and its many unwelcoming inhabitants, you’ll discover the peaceable and welcoming Wildfolk!

With the Rise of the Guardians of Nature, two of the 4 Wildfolk races will probably be accessible for gamers to select as playable characters.

Chadra (Tiger-Kin)

Also generally known as Tiger-kin, the Chadra, whose physique is considerably bigger than that of the common human, are the Wildfolk most endowed with fast reflexes and agility. Its base bonuses on creation are:

• +2 STR, +4 DEX, +2 CON, +2 PER.
• Poison Resistance +100
• Stealth +100
• Critical Chance +4%

Erwydra (Hart-Kin)

Also generally known as Hart-kin, the Erwydra are sensible, agile and perceptive, however bodily weaker than the members of different Wildfolk races. Their base bonuses on creation are:

• +2 STR, +4 DEX, +2 CON, +2 PER.
• Poison Resistance +100
• Stealth +100
• Critical Chance +4%

In an upcoming replace, the Wildfolk will even be capable to flip into their Primal Form, which will probably be lined extra in-depth sooner or later.

Other Changes

• The quantity of Knowledge Points (KP) required to unlock a Talent Point (TP) is now a lot decrease for the primary TP you unlock, and better for the final ones. Overall, the overall KP to be spent is roughly the identical.
• The sturdiness bonus given by high quality has been halved, going from +50% / +100% / +150% / +200% to +25% / +50% / +75% / +100%.
• All geared up objects now lose 5% of their max sturdiness if a personality is knocked out, and 10% if the character is killed.
• The Mana Regen bonus given by every INT level has been elevated from 1 to 1.5.
• The common HP, harm and gold drops from mobs have been rebalanced in order that mobs with low CR (Challenge Rating), corresponding to Goblins and Bandits, are weaker however drop much less gold, whereas high-level mobs are roughly the identical as earlier than in each energy stage and drops.
• Gem drop charges from mining at the moment are a lot decrease, significantly these of positive and flawless gems.
• Reaching max information of instructional monsters now requires 10 kills as a substitute of 20.
• It’s now doable to kind the precise quantity of gold when taking or depositing gold within the financial institution or the town treasury.

• Dismounting when carrying a wagon (with out releasing the wagon first) not causes points.
• Promoting a participant to Vice-Governor not fails if that participant is on-line.
• Receiving a brand new market notification mail whereas in sport not hides present mails.
• Cooldown discount now works on talents with cooldown stacks (e.g. Relocate).
• Cure Wounds not has infinite vary.
• Harbors on Myr now present the right metropolis names as a substitute of displaying a mixture of Myr and Aerhen cities.
• The Winter Star now has its personal entry within the Book of Knowledge.



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