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Sixteen Years of Driving the Blog

I suppose the go-to title for this submit ought to have been one thing like “sixteen candles” or perhaps “sweet sixteen.”  I imply, final yr I went with “Quinceanera” within the title.  But these performs on the quantity weren’t actually grabbing me.

So I’ll simply say that the weblog turns sixteen at the moment. acknowledges me effort once more

That is form of a very long time.  More than 1 / 4 of my life to date.  The elapsed time between my beginning and when the state of California licensed me as eligible to drive a automobile on the general public highways was a mere 16 years and 5 days.

The weblog has been happening for the about similar period of time it took me to develop from an toddler to with the ability to drive a automobile by myself on the streets… legally.  There had been some pre-license adventures.

It isn’t precisely the identical period of time.  There had been 5 further days as a result of I couldn’t go get my license on my precise birthday, one thing many individuals my age, my spouse included, did again then. I needed to wait as a result of my birthday fell on a Saturday that yr.  Then my dad couldn’t spare the time to drive me over to the DMV till the next Thursday.  Oh, the humanity!

The entire factor concerned a Peugeot 504 not in contrast to the one image right here

There is an entire story about driving, studying to drive, and the system round it that existed after I was a child that I’ll get to some day in a type of weekend posts.  Another automobile story.  But suffice to say that sixteen years places some mileage on you.

Past Anniversaries

For these within the historical past of my anniversary posts, which additionally represents, in a means, each the stylistic and stage of effort arc of my writing profession right here, listed here are the previous entries within the sequence:

It has been form of down hill since yr six.

Base Statistics

Since we’re on a little bit of a automobile theme, that is just about the odometer of the weblog, the numbers turning over as time goes by.

Days since launch: 5,845 (+365)
Posts complete: 6,412 (+384)
Total Words: 5,256,386 (+417,030 phrases, not together with this submit)
Average phrases per submit: 820 (+16)
Post Likes: 18,244 (+3,080)
Average posts per day: 1.097 (-0.003)
Comments: 36,407 (+1,299)
Average feedback per submit: 5.68 (-0.14)
Average feedback per day: 6.23 (-0.18)
Spam feedback: 1,793,899 (+74,983)
Average spam feedback per day: 306.91 (-6.67)
Comment sign to noise ratio: 1 to 49.2 (+0.3)
Comments written by me: 7,347 or 20.1%
Images uploaded: 18,054 19,422 (+1,368)
Space utilized by photos: 2.6 GB of my 13 GB allocation
Blog Followers: 2,237 (+164)
Twitter Followers: 800 (+15)
Tumblr Followers: 18 (-18, ouch!)
US Presidents since launch: 4
British Monarchs since launch: 2
Prime Ministers of Italy since launch: 8

This yr represents the primary time I’ve needed to increment the British Monarchs depend.

For most, that’s already an excessive amount of on the stats entrance.  But for many who need extra, you will see way more after the minimize.  I do that to spare the entrance web page and to not generate a couple of low-cost web page views… although I’ll take the web page views all the identical.


As ordinary, I’ll kick off with the international locations that go to the weblog. These stats are from the Flag Counter widget within the aspect bar and are primarily based off of the final 250,000 guests, so they’re extra reflective of the final yr than the lifetime of the weblog.

Flags of all nations

As is the usual, international locations with massive English talking populations dominate.  The inbuilt WordPress stats, which present visitors over all time point out that guests from the US make up greater than 50% of the entire, so add as much as greater than all different international locations mixed.  To be anticipated I suppose.

As for what individuals are driving when the arrive right here.

Browsers and working methods

As earlier than, Google Chrome owns, although that features all Microsoft Edge visitors, which now makes use of the Chrome rendering engine.  Then there’s Safari, which covers MacOS and iOS, after which Firefox.

For working methods, Windows 10 guidelines, adopted by Android gadgets, iOS, after which MacOS.

Intake Manifold – Those who ship me visitors

I suppose I’m nonetheless utilizing the automobile metaphor right here.  Sites that ship me probably the most visitors.

Over the final 12 months:

  1. Total EVE
  2. Twitter
  3. Blessing of Kings
  4. Inventory Full
  5. EVE Bloggers
  6. Facebook
  7. Reddit
  8. Low Sec Lifestyle
  9. The Nosy Gamer
  10. Greedy Goblin

The affect of Gevlon lives on.  His Blogger web site, with the dynamic blogroll aspect bar, nonetheless sends me visitors.  While he banished any point out of me from his later web site, he left me there and it nonetheless generated visitors.  Not loads.  That was 108 referrals.  But some.  It has been three and a half years since his exit from running a blog.  He nonetheless did me extra good than Tobold ever did.

That in all probability says one thing concerning the state of blogs, hyperlinks, and referrals if his web site continues to be producing some when different, extra energetic blogs should not.  At least he has additionally been banished from Bing, although he comes up on the primary web page of a Google search nonetheless.

Over the lifetime of the weblog:

  1. VirginWorlds
  2. Blessing of Kings
  3. Total EVE
  4. Reader
  5. EVE News 24
  6. EVE Bloggers
  7. Low Sec Lifestyle
  8. Google Reader
  9. Twitter
  10. Keen and Graev

This is the inertia listing, although Blessing of Kings may displace VirginWorld, which has been down for months and will me gone for good, and take the highest spot if it carries on for an additional couple of years.

Then there are the major search engines, which I listing out on their very own.

Over the final 12 months:

  1. Google – 58,576
  2. Bing – 774
  3. Duckduckgo – 659
  4. Yandex – 204
  5. Yahoo – 107
  6. Start Page – 90
  7. Baidu – 83
  8. Brave – 4
  9. Neeva – 3
  10. Dogpile – 1

As all the time, Google dominates and all the things else is trivia.  The key factor is that the Google numbers for the final 12 months are one third of what they had been on the fifteen yr abstract.  That is 100K fewer web page views, and the visitors stats, which I’ll get to, replicate that.

Of course, I get totally different tales from totally different locations within the Google ecosystem.  The above listing is what thinks.  The Google search console tells me this:

TAGN Google Stats for Year 16

So, first off, Google believes they’ve despatched me extra visitors that does.  Not stunning.  This is why I hold saying internet stats are rubbish.  Oddly, the reverse was true final yr.  See, rubbish.  But Google does present I’m down by practically half in comparison with yr 15.

I feel the important thing indicator is my common place in searches, which was 21 final yr however is now virtually 26.  If you aren’t within the high ten for a search, no one is clicking in your hyperlink.

As for what folks seek for in line with Google, these are the phrases than introduced in 200+ referrals:

Top search phrases for yr 16

Basically, about twice a day anyone varieties in “TAGN” into the Google search field to search out me.  And I’d guess that it was me a few quarter of the time on my telephone or one other machine moreover my pc.

Google Analytics has its personal view of the world and the place my visitors got here from over the past yr.

Google Analytics chimes in

On their chart “organic search” is search engine, “direct” is you may have me e-book marked in your browser and use that, “referral” is a hyperlink someplace moreover designated social media websites, “organic social” is these social media websites, and “unassigned” is “can’t tell” in Google phrases.

That Organic Social bump in mid-March is anyone linking “Alamo teeches you 2 play DURID” on Reddit.  I do not know what the massive Direct bump is on March twenty eighth.

For some extra element, there’s a breakout of the totals for every of the above channels, and two extra that didn’t have sufficient visitors to make the minimize.

Google Analytics particulars

I suppose there was precisely ONE e mail person so far as Google was involved.  I suppose I shouldn’t fret about e mail subscriptions.

One fascinating factor about Google Analytics is that “Direct” is one thing that doesn’t seem within the stats.  It is implied within the hole between referrals and customers/web page views, however by no means known as out.

Google apart, as I’ve been on about, the Bing visitors as stopped since Bing delisted me and just about all different blogs.  So Bing, Duckduckgo, Yahoo, and some different engines will now not discover me.

Bing itself is rubbish anyway.  You can solely see the final six months on their console, that being the one little bit of formatting the apparently didn’t steal from Google.  They even have the identical colours, simply reversed, for clicks and impressions.

Bing stats for the final six months

In one other three months that chart will simply be a flat line.

Of the third occasion search engines like google, I feel all three of the Neeva hits had been from me.

The Exhaust Pipe – Where I ship some traffic

So who will get referral visitors from me?  Not many locations.  I put in all these hyperlinks in posts and only a few folks click on on them.

Over the final 12 months:

  1. Wikipedia
  2. EVE Online (varied dev and information blogs)
  3. Reddit
  4. Inventory Full
  5. Massively OP
  6. Imperium News
  7. The Nosy Gamer
  8. Twitter
  9. Chunkbase
  10. MMO Fallout

EVE Online gamers appear extra more likely to click on on hyperlinks than my common customer.  Chunkbase is the hyperlink I put on the high of my submit about discovering a heat ocean in an effort to assist folks discover one on their very own Minecraft world.

Over the lifetime of the weblog:

  1. Nick Yee (the previous guild title generator)
  2. Wikipedia
  3. Various Pokemon websites
  4. Civ Fanatics
  5. Various Blizzard WoW Sites
  6. Hardcore Casual
  7. Keen and Graev
  8. Blessing of Kings
  9. Inventory Full
  10. EVE Online Pictures

This listing is just about a carry over from final yr, besides Bhagpuss swapped locations with EVE Online Pictures within the final two spots.

Most Viewed Posts

Alright, I’m finished with the automotive metaphor, or can’t be bothered to hold on with it.  So what do folks come right here to see?  I say “see” as a result of the Google stats point out there isn’t as a lot studying happening as one may hope.

Over the final 12 months:

  1. Minecraft and the Search for a Warm Ocean
  2. Alamo teechs u 2 play DURID!
  3. The Altar of Zul and Jintha’alor
  4. 20 Games that Defined the Apple II
  5. CCP Take Aim at Cloaky Campers in EVE Online
  6. CCP Releases the ESS Reserve Bank Keys and Hands Out ISK in EVE Online
  7. A Return to Stellaris
  8. CCP Promises “a very special offer” for those who Link Multiple EVE Online Accounts to the Same Email Address*
  9. CCP Lets EVE Online Players with Multiple Accounts Subscribe Secondary Accounts at a Lower Price*
  10. Leveling up Your Crafting Without Actually Crafting

Those marked with an asterisk had been really posted this yr.  Two isn’t a lot, however given the dive in visitors over the past 18 months, is respectable.

Meanwhile, there’s the all time listing of most seen posts.  Again, visitors patterns within the early days of the weblog… and there have been months the place I used to be getting 60K+ web page views… have locked within the high ten fairly laborious.

  1. Play On: Guild Name Generator
  2. Running Civilization II on Windows 7 64-bit
  3. Alamo teechs u 2 play DURID!
  4. How To Find An Agent in EVE Online
  5. How to Catch Zorua and Zoroark
  6. From Alola Pokedex to National Pokedex in Pokemon Sun
  7. April Fools at Blizzard – 2013
  8. Considering Star Wars Galaxies Emulation? Better Grab a Disk!
  9. Minecraft and the Search for a Warm Ocean
  10. Getting Upper Blackrock Spire Access

Of course, having mentioned that, this listing has a brand new entry.  The submit about discovering a heat ocean in Minecraft has lastly cracked the all time high ten, knocking out my decade previous submit evaluating Diablo III and Torchlight II.

Categories and Tags

Categories and tags are how I attempt to hold monitor of what I submit round right here and make it considerably findable.  The system I selected 16 years is maybe lower than best and between it and the restricted search talents it may typically be a chore to search out previous posts.  Still, I keep it up as a result of it’s higher than nothing.

Categories are the massive subjects, particular video games, corporations, occasions, or teams.  There are at the moment 101 classes in use, up two from final yr, with the highest 20 being:

  1. EVE Online – 2,050
  2. World of Warcraft – 1,526
  3. EverQuest II – 782
  4. EverQuest – 638
  5. Blizzard – 492
  6. Lord of the Rings Online – 466
  7. Instance Group – 403
  8. Sony Online Entertainment – 343
  9. CCP – 323
  10. WoW Classic – 270
  11. Pokemon – 256
  12. Humor – 239
  13. weblog factor – 33
  14. YouTube – 210
  15. Misc MMOs – 198
  16. Month in Review – 193
  17. Daybreak Game Company – 174
  18. Rift – 163
  19. Other PC Games – 158
  20. Diablo III – 143

Readers is not going to be shocked by the highest two I’m positive.  Or the highest seven, actually.  Still, I do write about a couple of different issues every now and then.

Tags, then again, are extra whim than submitting system.  There are 4,132 in play on the location, up 60 from final years spherical up.  The high twenty are:

  1. Delve – 132
  2. World War Bee – 128
  3. Progression Server – 125
  4. Asher Elias – 106
  5. Meaningless Milestones – 100
  6. Reavers – 96
  7. Fippy Darkpaw – 85
  8. Nostalgia – 81
  9. EVE Updates – 78
  10. MMO Expansions – 73
  11. EVE Monthly Economic Report – 67
  12. Council of Stellar Management – 66
  13. Warlords of Draenor – 66
  14. Free-To-Play – 63
  15. WWB Weekly Update – 58
  16. Imperium – 57
  17. Skill Points – 55
  18. RMT – 52
  19. Casino War – 52
  20. BlizzCon – 51

You can see the affect of EVE Online on the tags, although I do marvel that I’ve referenced Warlords of Draenor and Progression Servers fairly that many instances.

And, for a bit of caprice, listed here are the tags I’ve used precisely 16 instances over the 16 years of the weblog:

  1. NCsoft – 16
  2. StarCraft – 16
  3. Cash Shop – 16
  4. I may make somewhat listing – 16
  5. Dust 514 – 16
  6. Venal – 16
  7. Curse – 16
  8. Cainun – 16
  9. PlayerUnknowns Battleground – 16
  10. Summer Fantasy Movie League – 16
  11. Fall Fantasy Movie League – 16
  12. Carbot Animations – 16
  13. Goon Expeditionary Force – 16
  14. Esoteria – 16

A Peek Under the Hood for Page Views

Crap, the metaphor is again.  Anyway, right here we’re on the sooner or later a yr after I naked the uncooked web page view stats for the world to see.  Behold my early rise and lengthy decline:

Total Page Views by Month/Year

Or, for those who desire averages, right here is the typical each day web page views for the lifetime of the weblog.

Average Daily Page Views by Month/Year

As I’ve lengthy famous, you may see the height in 2012, the autumn in February of 2013 when Google made their first massive algorithm change that impacted the location, after which the lengthy declined since then.

There have been a couple of factors the place the weblog has rebounded a bit.  The pandemic was a boon for web page views, however when June 2021 hit and all of us went on trip, issues crashed again right down to the brand new regular.  So it goes.  If I wrote for web page views I’d clearly be selecting different subjects.

Something I’ve considered doing was making an attempt to map the web page view arc of the weblog from 2006 by means of to at the moment after which match it up with the recognition of varied MMOs I’ve performed.  There is one thing of a correlation between my very own web page view depend and EVE Online‘s PCU depend over the identical interval.

Or, it too has definitely appeared to fade after seeing a revival throughout COVID.  Is the weblog a bellwether of MMOs, or are particular MMOs an indicator for blogs?

Some Words About Words

I’ve written a variety of phrases within the final 16 years.  A good variety of them have been strung collectively into coherent sentences, although maybe not as many as I may need wished. offers me a pleasant insights chart that offers me the phrase depend.  Even higher, it copy and pastes instantly into Excel, the place I can add totals to the underside of among the columns.

Word counts and different totals

Almost 5.3 million phrases.  I’m wondering what number of of them I copied and pasted from different websites or patch notes or different quoting for reality.  I’ve lengthy since given up hope that after I hyperlink to a different web site or submit that it will likely be there in a few years.

Money, it’s a Gas

That’s a musical reference, not an automotive one.  The metaphor is as soon as once more slipping.

I discussed final yr that, in an effort to hold from injecting add content material into my posts, I used to be going to purchase into their Premium internet hosting plan, which runs $96 a yr.

Premium options

In order to offset that value, I made a decision to activate advertisements for the weblog, however advertisements that might earn me a bit of cash.  So advertisements received ultimately.  I apologize.

So this yr we’ve a brand new entry within the annual statistics, which is how a lot cash I’ve earned on advertisements.  Here is the grand complete as of yesterday.

The tall {dollars} from advert income takes some time to course of incomes, so you may add one other $16.26 for August, bringing me as much as a grand complete of $167.27 over the past 11.5 months.  That manages to offset the internet hosting value, the Feedly Premium subscription I want in an effort to hold the Rube Goldberg MMO Blog Feed in my aspect bar going, and the $25 I spent on an experiment on Facebook to see if “boosting” a submit there would make an distinction to visitors.  It didn’t.  I’d have been higher served stamping my URL on twenty-five one greenback payments and throwing them out of my automobile window whereas driving by means of downtown.

So, that’s the advert income.  As ordinary, I extremely advocate you employ an advert blocker for those who go to the location commonly.  Let the remark spam bots choose up the tab for my internet hosting charges and different experiments.

Some Sort of Conclusion on the End of the Day’s Drive

The years generally tend to distort reminiscence.  I’ve talked about prior to now that a part of the explanation I write the weblog is to nail down occasions within the correct sequence in time, if such a factor is feasible.  Absent the weblog my recollections of when one thing occurred relative to another minor occasion may be wildly inaccurate.

And but, although the weblog has helped me hold issues considerably extra orderly in my mind, or has at the least given me a technique to kind out and order issues ought to I really feel the necessity, I nonetheless find yourself placing issues into the incorrect timeline, together with about running a blog itself.

As I began fascinated about sixteen years I thought of the primary weblog I put some effort into, titled Oh, The Humanity!, which in my head canon preceded this weblog by a couple of years, my work on it stopping as soon as I began right here.

And then I went to go have a look at it… I can go to it to learn, however the login credentials are misplaced to Google and time… solely to find that I began it in July of 2006, lower than two months earlier than this weblog, and carried on with it up till September 2011.

What a wierd revelation.

Part of my subject was that the weblog was a transition from an e mail listing I used to keep up for a couple of pals to share some odd humor, together with snippets from the The Union, the newspaper that covers Nevada County California, and the police blotter there.  This was principally to harass some family members who reside there.  The police blotter typically options offended, drunken, shirtless males moving into hassle and folks’s automobiles being stolen as a result of they left them unlocked and so they keys in them.

It is, or was, a spot with a extra rural sensibility that the place I grew up.  They are all obtainable beneath a single tag.  I at the least had that going for me.  Whether or not they had been ever humorous is one other story.

There was additionally one thing about photocopiers, printer paper loading, the unfinished story of an organization transfer set in three components (I ought to end that one off some day), and some different gadgets.  I’m considerably shocked at how a lot of what’s there that I had forgotten.

And then there was an MMO weblog I virtually began over there as effectively.  But I ended up right here I suppose.

Some days I notice I’ve really forgotten how a lot I’ve forgotten.

The Usual Forward Looking Statement

In addition to this being the sixteenth anniversary of the weblog, it is usually my 898th day posting in a row.

WordPress acknowledged this as effectively as soon as the submit went reside

That has been an extremely foolish and pointless endeavor, one which has no actual reward, but I really feel compelled to maintain going as a result of I fear I’d provide you with a justification for it as soon as I cease… and when you cease you’re again to day one once more.  It is like some kind of reverse AA habit.

Anyway, I’ll hit 900 on Wednesday of this week, after which there’s a non-zero probability that I’d take an extended break from the weblog.

But I say one thing like that yearly, don’t I?

So there’s a a lot better probability that there will probably be a submit on Thursday about one thing inane and online game associated, like how WoW Classic and EverQuest development servers must behave in a different way or what it might take for CCP to pwipe EVE Online and begin once more contemporary or another wild hypothesis or story of some minor occasion or motion in some recreation.  Or perhaps I’ll submit one thing about jury responsibility once more.

But we received’t know till it occurs.  I suppose that’s a part of the enjoyable.



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