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That voice–so acquainted, regardless of the years since she final heard it. It sounded impossibly distant, but shut sufficient that she swiveled her head searching for its proprietor.

“Sa’har–is that you simply?”

The voice, its edges rippling with echoes, was louder. Nearer. She ran towards the sound, however her ft had been heavy… like stone.

“Sa’har! I at all times knew you’ll discover me. I’m… so joyful to see you.”

And there he was.

Sa’har reached a trembling hand towards the brother she had not seen since she was taken to be educated by the Jedi. As her fingers inched nearer, she may see her brother’s gaunt face was marred by worry, by hopelessness. Slightly below, a heavy, rusted chain was tangled round his neck.

However the second Sa’har’s fingertips brushed the chilly metallic of his bonds, her imaginative and prescient blurred. A low, pulsing hum grew louder and louder; an insufferable warmth washed over her physique. She grasped for her brother wildly, with each arms, however he crumbled away, like grime and ash, at her contact.


Sa’har desperately referred to as her brother’s title as she woke, however the one response was the ceaseless rumbling of a ship’s engine. As her imaginative and prescient cleared, the durasteel ceiling of the ship’s sweltering decrease ranges slowly got here into view. She was drenched in sweat, her limbs twisted within the tough sheet masking her cot.

This was the fifth night time in a row she’d had the identical dream. Spending each single one among her waking hours meditating, reaching out, hoping to seek out any clue that would result in her brother was clearly beginning to take its toll.

However this was the primary night time the place she obtained shut sufficient to the touch Ri’kan, and she or he didn’t like what had occurred when she did. Was it an indication? Or was it her personal self-doubt creeping its approach into even the unconscious elements of her thoughts?

Sa’har shoved the blanket right down to the tip of her cot and slid onto the ground, legs crossed and again straight.

The passenger transport she’d snuck aboard was outdated and in determined want of upgrades. However the utility room she’d quietly changed into makeshift lodgings was near the engine, and the regular vibrations of the struggling pistons and generators made falling right into a trance straightforward. She had barely closed her eyes and begun to pay attention when she was in that place once more, someplace deep in her thoughts, her consciousness flowing with the Pressure as she referred to as out to Ri’kan.

“We are able to nonetheless discover your brother!”

His voice once more. The Sith. Malgus.

Sa’har shook her head and recentered herself, reaching out desperately. If her desires had been an indication of actuality, Ri’kan wanted her–now.

“Focus, Sa’har…”

She felt a way of consolation wash over her as she remembered a number of the first phrases her grasp ever mentioned to her…

Knuckles tighten round a crimson lightsaber. Grasp Denolm hangs, helplessly, within the air. Malgus snarls in frustration: “Are you aware what it’s your grasp simply destroyed?”

Sa’har grit her enamel. Malgus’s voice was getting louder. Accusations and offended questions fought to the forefront of her thoughts: it was Grasp Denolm’s fault that her brother was at risk. She pushed Malgus’s taunting apart and centered on discovering Ri’kan.

“All of your life you’ve been in a cage, Padawan.” Malgus simply pulled the holocron from Sa’har’s grasp. She struggled to breathe, to maintain the falling stones from crushing the life out of her physique. She screamed…

Her eyes snapped open. Her ideas, her recollections of Grasp Denolm… they had been changing into more and more tainted, corrupted by Malgus’s phrases. And the extra she meditated searching for her brother, the extra they jostled and crowded her thoughts like a noxious fuel.

A brief distance from her, wrapped tightly in a tattered cloak she stole, the holocron Sa’har discovered as she slipped away from the ruined temple on Elom started to pulse. The relic was at all times vibrating with latent vitality, however now it was extra intense–it was nearly singing to her. Did it… know? Might it sense what she wished?

Sa’har slid over to the opposite facet of her hastily-made quarters and slowly unwrapped the holocron. It was glowing, brighter than earlier than, as if it had been answering her query. Malgus mentioned it may very well be the important thing to discovering Ri’kan… however he couldn’t be trusted. Grasp Denolm mentioned so. However Grasp Denolm lied too…

She wasn’t fully clueless when it got here to outdated Pressure relics like this one. Grasp Denolm was a historian, in any case, and she or he’d misplaced rely of what number of they’d dug up collectively. In her expertise, there was at all times an opportunity that it may maintain one thing harmful, however as a rule, it was simply info. Nothing extra, nothing much less. What may very well be so dangerous about that?

This holocron was in contrast to every other she’d ever seen. Its design was lovely and complicated, however extraordinarily complicated. It felt prefer it may shatter if somebody who didn’t know what they had been doing tried to deal with it.

Sa’har pressed the perimeters of the holocron along with her fingertips and twisted. One thing felt prefer it gave approach, however it stayed firmly closed. She utilized extra strain, connecting herself to the relic with the Pressure. She may really feel one thing, a rigidity, contained in the holocron, constructing, cresting. So she pushed… and the holocron pushed again.

She threw her arms as much as protect herself from what felt like an enormous crashing wave. The sheer power of it knocked her away from the holocron and onto her again. As she recovered, the holocron’s thrumming pulse was quieter. Its glow dimmed.

Scrambling to her ft, Sa’har fought the urge to scream. She wasn’t fully positive the engine noise would disguise it, and she or he didn’t need anybody poking their nostril in. She pulled her foot again, however her try to kick the holocron was interrupted by the grumbling of her empty abdomen. It had been a really very long time since she final ate.

She took a number of deep breaths and put her foot again on the ground. She stretched her legs, flexing her ankles and toes. She closed her eyes and tried to sense anybody who could be outdoors her stowaway’s quarters, however she felt nothing. Everybody else will need to have gone to mattress.

Rigorously, Sa’har slid open her door and peered round it into the corridor. Darkness, silence. The proper alternative to sneak into the galley.

As she crept by means of the darkish hall and up the stairwell, her abdomen protested once more, urging her to rush and fulfill it. She hadn’t been this hungry since she lived on Ossus with Grasp Denolm in a colony, filled with refugees, being constructed from the bottom up. Earlier than they had been capable of get the farms to supply something, it was tough. Meals was a blessing, and one which needed to be shared.

Everybody who lived in that colony discovered tips on how to make do with subsequent to nothing. However this… stealing provides, hijacking a shuttle to get away from Elom, stowing away… this was all new. Then once more, a variety of the occasions of the previous few days had been uncharted territory for Sa’har.

The galley was as empty because the hall main into it. Sa’har stepped into it as quietly and slowly as she may. The room was forged in close to full darkness, aside from a lightweight somebody had thoughtlessly–helpfully, in Sa’har’s case–left on in one of many pantries.

She was midway to the pantry door when one thing clattered to the ground. The sound of metallic on metallic rang all through the galley, and Sa’har froze.

A determine appeared within the pantry doorway, outlined by the sunshine inside. She was solely just a little taller than Sa’har, however older. Her brown hair was cropped on the chin, and she or he stood on two cybernetic legs.

“Oh, sorry!” the girl smiled. “I hope I didn’t scare you. I didn’t assume anybody else could be in right here.”

Sa’har couldn’t discover the phrases to reply. The lady’s garments had been plain, unremarkable–however they weren’t these of a mechanic, or a crewmember. She was in all probability a passenger who wouldn’t know–or care–that she’d simply caught a stowaway.

“I assume I’m not the one one who can’t sleep after they’re hungry,” the girl held up a light, dented can and a saucepan that had clearly seen higher days. “I used to be simply going to have a few of this garfish stew. I don’t assume anybody would thoughts.” She peered on the can. “I can’t consider they even have it. Need some?”

Sa’har slowly nodded, and the girl pushed the door open wider, the pantry gentle absolutely bathing Sa’har’s face and the galley’s preparation space. Sa’har turned and confronted away from the girl, prepared her pounding coronary heart to gradual. She stepped nearer to the desk nearest the pantry and gently took down two of the chairs that had been positioned on its floor.

“Thanks,” the girl mentioned as she poured the stew into the saucepan. “It shouldn’t take quite a lot of minutes.”

Quickly after, a pungent scent drifted by means of the galley. Sa’har may scent how spicy the dish was as the girl poured two helpings into bowls and set them on the desk.

“I don’t thoughts consuming in silence,” the girl mentioned as she sat throughout from Sa’har, “however I feel dinner is at all times higher with another person. I’m glad you confirmed up, uh…”

Sa’har cleared her throat and pulled a bowl towards her. “…Tau. My title is Tau.”

“Good to satisfy you, Tau.” The lady collected a number of the stew onto her spoon, blew away the steam, and tasted it. “Not dangerous.”

Sa’har had a chew of her personal. It was greater than not dangerous. She wasn’t positive if it was as a result of she hadn’t eaten in days, however it may need been the most effective factor she’d ever tasted. Silence stuffed the area between them as she devoured the stew.

“Properly, that’s in all probability the most important praise my cooking’s ever gotten.”

Sa’har couldn’t assist however smirk. “It’s actually nice. Thanks, by the best way.”

“Comfortable to assist.” The lady took one other chew, and because the silence returned, stretching into the darkness, she swirled her spoon in her half-empty bowl. “So… what do you do, Tau?

Sa’har coughed and tried to cowl it with one other spoonful of stew. “Do?”

“Sorry,” the girl laughed. “Once I mentioned ‘dinner is at all times higher with another person,’ I actually meant ‘I hate awkward silences.’”

Sa’har smiled, tight-lipped, desperately hoping it masked her racing ideas. “I’m, uh… I’m a farmer.”

“Wow! Actually?” the girl grinned. “Me too!”

“I imply… I used to be a farmer.” Sa’har’s spoon scraped throughout the underside of her bowl. “I needed to depart.”

“Oh. Properly, that’s a disgrace,” the girl furrowed her brows. “Until, it’s not? You wished to do one thing else?”

“I don’t… I don’t know, really.” Sa’har pushed the now empty bowl to the center of the desk. She may really feel the sting of tears, able to effectively in her eyes, however she gritted her enamel in opposition to them. “My… my father… died. He was the one who taught me all the things–about farming.”

The lady’s face fell, pity plainly etched in her expression. Sa’har leaned again and crossed her arms over her chest, as if she had been elevating a protect. “I do know he would need me to maintain going. Maintain doing all the things he confirmed me tips on how to do. However…”

Grasp Denolm shouts an order over the din of fight. “Destroy this machine and all data of it!”

“However I don’t know if that’s what I need to do anymore,” Sa’har snapped.

“I’m sorry.” The lady had completed her meal, too. Frowning, she pushed her empty bowl subsequent to Sa’har’s. “I’m actually sorry. I misplaced my mother after I was younger.”

The lady checked out Sa’har with an openness and an honesty that Sa’har had issue recognizing. With how a lot reality had been hidden from her, for her complete life… the sight of somebody so desirous to hear and perceive was engaging.

“I’m sorry, too.” Sa’har swallowed. “And my father…”

Her brother, alone, violently rips his toy in two. Malgus’s haughty voice echoes within the ruins. “What number of had been left behind…”

“He had a variety of… secrets and techniques. That I’m solely simply now discovering out about. They make me surprise if I ever actually knew him. If I ought to have listened to him. If he set me on the fitting path…”

“That’s… that’s actually powerful.” There was a tremble within the girl’s voice. “Consider it or not, I do know what that’s like, too. To have a father who hides issues from you, although he thinks what he’s doing is on your personal good.”

Sa’har felt a twinge in her chest. “What… how did you cope with it? All of that, I imply.”

“Properly… it didn’t occur straight away. There was at all times one thing, like a shadow, at the back of my thoughts. Even after I talked to him about it and obtained the solutions I wanted. That shadow at all times made me ask why he wasn’t round. Why wasn’t I adequate to get him to remain?”

Grasp Denolm’s hand reached towards her. Sa’har stepped again. “You would have saved my brother.”

The lady stood up and grabbed the 2 empty dishes. “It took me a very long time to understand that the alternatives my father made had nothing to do with me,” she mentioned as she carried the bowls to the meals preparation space. “Although he swore that he was solely off operating spice and blasters as a result of he wanted the credit for me.”

Grasp Denolm’s face fell. “I’ve solely ever protected you!”

She positioned the bowls within the empty dish basin and turned again towards Sa’har. “Finally, it hit me. Loving my father didn’t imply he was good. Nobody will be, irrespective of how essential they’re to you.”

“You need to belief me!” Grasp Denolm’s voice cracked, determined to get Sa’har to see cause.

The lady moved again to the desk. “As soon as I figured that out, the opposite items fell into place. My father is just human–he dealt with misfortune and hardship the best way he thought was finest. He made decisions he thought had been proper. Although I don’t agree with him, I do know I may give him sufficient grace to grasp that.”

Sa’har pushed out the phrases, her voice thick with anguish and disbelief. “Was I chosen by the Pressure…”

The lady sat down throughout from Sa’har once more. “However that’s all I may give him. Love, and forgiveness for the previous. Past that, all that’s left is for me. My time and my focus go to what I need to do. Who I need to be.”

“Otherwise you?”

“I’m sorry,” the girl set free a clipped snort. “I actually didn’t imply to provide you a lecture or something…” She smiled. “However it’s good to have somebody hear.”

“I do know,” Sa’har replied, barely above a whisper. She wrapped her arms tightly round herself. Now that the consolation of the nice and cozy meal was gone, she was intensely conscious of the chilly that started to creep throughout her pores and skin.

“Thanks,” Sa’har mentioned as she obtained to her ft, the legs of her chair skidding throughout the galley’s metallic ground. “For the meals.”

Earlier than the girl may reply, Sa’har turned and marched towards the galley door.

“Oh… thanks for the corporate!” Sa’har may hear the girl’s voice fading behind her. “See you round, Tau–”

As quickly as she was enveloped within the shadows of the hall, she walked sooner, again towards her cramped room. The garfish stew immediately felt like a heavy stone inside her. Her breath got here fast and quick, like she couldn’t get sufficient air in any respect. Like she was again on Elom, trapped within the ruined temple…

Again in her room, Sa’har waved her arm, slamming the door shut with the Pressure as she collapsed onto the sting of her cot. Doubled over, she clutched the perimeters of her head, the girl’s phrases replaying in her thoughts.

“All that’s left is for me. What I need to do. Who I need to be.”

Sa’har felt extra misplaced, extra adrift than ever. Being Grasp Denolm’s Padawan was all she knew tips on how to be. He was gone… what was left?

By way of the pulsing hum of the transport’s engines, a smaller, extra delicate sound seeped into the air. Sa’har regarded to the holocron, sitting a brief distance away. It trilled quietly, once more, and once more. Its faint blue glow had returned.

Sa’har picked the holocron up from the place she’d dropped it. The relic settled, simply, into her grasp.

Malgus sneers. “Are you aware what it’s that your grasp simply destroyed?”

This time, as Sa’har labored in opposition to the holocron, it felt much less resistant, extra pliant. It wished her to see, to grasp.

“It’s not too late! We are able to nonetheless discover your brother.”

Ri’kan. Grasp Denolm made the mistaken alternative when he refused to take him. And he by no means advised her about Ri’kan’s talents–one other mistaken determination made beneath the pretense of defending Sa’har.

Gears clicked into place. Metallic and crystal slid away. The sunshine shining from contained in the holocron, nearly blinding now, projected designs, patterns, as elaborate and perplexing because the markings on the surface of the relic, on the durasteel partitions.

Sa’har’s eyes widened as she scanned the spreading illustrations. In all of the instances she helped Grasp Denolm along with his analysis, she had by no means seen something like this. The one factor that got here shut had been the tattered stays of textual content they discovered within the ruined Jedi library they explored collectively on Ossus.

The recollections of her useless grasp’s teachings got here flooding again. As she began to acknowledge and piece collectively what she was seeing, a tear, blistering in opposition to her pores and skin, slid down her face. She felt scorching, from the within, like she would burst into flames at any second.

She couldn’t be fully positive, however she may see sufficient to know that the plans on this holocron had been totally different. Regardless of the machine on Elom had been, this was… one thing else. One thing extra. This gadget wasn’t meant to simply discover forgotten souls, as Malgus steered the machine Grasp Denolm had destroyed may do. It was meant to talk to them–to ignite, like kindling, one thing inside them.

A loud bang startled Sa’har because the holocron hit the ground. The blue glowing plans had been all gone, the relic was silent and darkish at her ft.

Regardless of all his energy, all his information, Grasp Denolm was nonetheless human. He knew what this machine may do, what may occur if she tried to make use of it…and he did what he thought was finest.

“Sa’har,” Grasp Denolm’s eyes had been broad open, wanting straight into hers.

She may give him forgiveness. Understanding. Past that, all that was left was for Sa’har. Who she wished to be, and what she wished to do.

She couldn’t bear in mind the final time Grasp Denolm had held her gaze so earnestly. “I’m sorry.”

“I do know,” Sa’har whispered. The transport’s engines hummed in response. “It’s okay. However I’ve to do that.”

Cradled by the sound of the steadily pulsing ship, Sa’har sank to the ground. She closed her eyes, pulled her knees to her chest, and listened.

“Focus, Sa’har…”

Sa’har’s eyes opened, and the ship was gone. A youthful Grasp Denolm sat throughout from her, on the ground of the orphanage the place her life started. Ri’kan was by her facet, bouncing excitedly, grinning, desirous to impress the Jedi who’d come to see them.

Grasp Denolm smiled as he prolonged his hand, providing a easy toy. “Belief your self.” He provided, kindly. “You are able to do this. It could be troublesome, however it isn’t unimaginable.”

Sa’har reached each arms towards the toy, and earlier than she may pull it to herself, recreate what had occurred so way back, she was some other place. A well-made, however cramped, shuttle–the sort the much less prosperous Republic senators favored–dashing by means of hyperspace. She used to see them on the events Grasp Denolm took her to Coruscant, the world that they–and the remainder of the final remaining Jedi–had been fleeing.

“This isn’t over, Sa’har.” Grasp Denolm’s voice was strained as he wrapped his cloak round her shoulders. She was nonetheless shaking from their conflict with the brutal invaders who had been tearing their approach by means of the Republic. “Struggling like this can not final eternally, and we have to be prepared to choose up the items when it ends.”

She regarded up at his decided face, now silhouetted by the blazing Ossus solar, excessive within the sky behind him. The soil beneath her knees was dry, cracking. The proof of her failure to develop a patch of barabel fruit surrounded them.

Grasp Denolm prolonged his hand and helped Sa’har to her ft. “The Pressure selected you. I… selected you. I understand how a lot you might be able to, even when you don’t see it but.” He turned and walked away, and Sa’har adopted. In a number of paces, the Ossus desert gave approach to an icy wasteland. She was following him towards the doorway of the temple ruins on Elom.

Grasp Denolm stopped, his gaze rising to the highest of the ruins. Sa’har stood at his facet. She may sense his worry, the inside wrestle to persuade himself he was doing the fitting factor, and strongest of all, his efforts to push all of the hesitation away.

“However moments will come, when doubts are darkest, after I gained’t be there to let you know.” Grasp Denolm turned to her. “You’ll have to inform your self, to decide on your self–and you will have to consider it.”

After which he was gone. Elom was gone. Sa’har was alone. Throughout her, nothing however a dusty, lifeless desolation. However within the distance, she may see a darkish determine, no larger than a pinprick, on the horizon. She walked ahead, and the darkish determine grew as they approached one another.

She may see him clearly now. Proper in entrance of her. He was older, totally different, however she would acknowledge her brother wherever. He regarded like a fighter, robust and highly effective. Round his neck had been the chains Sa’har noticed in her nightmares, however they had been damaged, unbound by something. He smiled at her and prolonged each his arms. When she reached out to clasp them, there was a knife cradled in his palms.

“When you’re prepared, break away.” Darkness closes in…

She opened her eyes, however the darkness was nonetheless there. The warmth and the noise advised her she was nonetheless on the ground of her area on the transport. The holocron was lit by a tender glow once more, dim, however regular. The overwhelming, suffocating defeat she’d felt since she escaped Elom was gone… as a substitute, she may really feel a pull within the Pressure, a bond connecting her to her brother, a compass guiding Sa’har to Ri’kan.

Sa’har stood, grabbed the tattered cloak she’d been hiding the holocron in, and draped the fabric over the relic. She bundled it up and stashed it along with her few different belongings so she may snatch them up and run as quickly because the transport reached its vacation spot, in a number of days’ time.

Once they arrived, she’d need to sneak aboard a brand new ship, however this time, she knew the place she was heading. This time, she knew what she wanted to do, and who she wanted to be: a warrior, a liberator, a buddy… a sister.

Sa’har lay again on her cot and willed herself to relax–she would want loads of relaxation for the battle forward. As she relaxed the strain in her muscle groups, her thoughts drifted. She considered Ri’kan, of Grasp Denolm, of the girl within the galley. Earlier than lengthy her thoughts eased into sleep, content material in figuring out that for the primary time in an extended whereas, nightmares wouldn’t come.



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