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WoW Classic’s abruptly began Zombie Plague occasion is already over

Last Friday evening, the WoW Classic servers skilled some sudden timing for its Scourge Invasion occasion, with the entire affair beginning off hours forward of schedule. The scuffed timing of occasions earlier than Wrath’s arrival seems to be persevering with as Classic’s producer Josh Greenfield has now confirmed that the Zombie Plague has additionally ended early.

One of the MMORPG’s gamers requested about zombies apparently disappearing sooner than anticipated, resulting in a affirmation from Greenfield that the occasion is certainly over. Once once more it seems to be just like the devs are rolling with the punches as Greenfield writes up an in-lore rationale for the change in timing. “It seems that due to advancements in modern Azerothian medicine in the last 15 or so years, the healers of the Argent Dawn have gotten much better at fighting infectious plagues and diseases,” he writes. “The Lich King doesn’t stand a chance.”

Meanwhile, the Scourge Invasion occasion rolls on forward of Northrend’s opening on September twenty sixth. Provided, in fact, the timing for that occasion doesn’t all of a sudden get derailed as effectively.




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