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Ready probably the most dependable Pokeball you’ve gotten, as a result of we’re about to take a look at the strongest Pokemon of all time!

Here at Retro Dodo, we love to provide you perception into what Pokemon are one of the best, in areas reminiscent of their particular person varieties and even which starters are those to go for when offered with that agonising choice originally of every sport (try our all Pokemon Starters tier listing for extra on that!).

However, we hadn’t appeared on the strongest Pokemon total, till now.

With this listing, we’ve taken a take a look at the stats of each Pokemon within the Pokedex, and we’ve discovered the ten Pokemon with probably the most spectacular offensive stats. There’s a couple of recognisable faces right here – but in addition some that you could be not be overly accustomed to. 

So which Pokemon are the strongest of all of them? 

Let’s discover out, as we try the strongest Pokemon of all time!

10. Kartana

Kartana - strongest pokemon of all time

Origami Ultra Beast Kartana – inctroduced in seventh technology titles Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon – is maybe the one Pokemon who might provide you with a paper minimize – and also you definitely wouldn’t wish to be wounded by this explicit pocket monster!

Why’s that, I hear you ask? Well, that’s as a result of it’s one of many strongest Pokemon in your entire Pokedex after all. 

On its Attack alone, Kartana has the third strongest Attack of any Pokemon – and this is the reason you’ll discover it on our listing of one of the best Grass kind Pokemon.

It’s quick too, although it’s let down by its Sp. Atk stat, which is de facto disappointing – and which is why it solely manages to make it to the quantity ten spot on the strongest Pokemon of all time listing!

9. Zacian (Crowned Sword)

Zacian Crowned Sword

Now then, the place have we heard this identify earlier than?

Ah sure, you’ll discover the Crowned Sword type of Zacian sitting proudly atop our greatest Fairy kind Pokemon listing, in addition to that includes in our article taking a look at what could be the finest Pokemon staff

Introduced in technology eight titles Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, Zacian is a Legendary Pokemon who has the joint sixth highest Attack stat within the Pokedex, making it an apparent alternative for the strongest Pokemon listing!

Yet, identical to Kartana, it does have barely underwhelming Sp. Atk – which is why it doesn’t place greater on this listing total.

8. Calyrex (Ice Rider)

Ice Rider Calyrex - strongest pokemon of all time

Another acquainted face, the Ice Rider type of Calyrex additionally options on one other Retro Dodo listing – as one of many heaviest Pokemon within the Pokedex!

Debuting in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, Ice Rider Calyrex is a fusion of two Pokemon; on this type, the standard, tiny Calyrex has bonded with the fearsome Glastrier to turn out to be a really heavy hitter certainly!

Though Ice Rider Calyrex’s Attack stat alone is decrease than that of Kartana and Crowned Sword Zacian, its extra spectacular Sp. Atk stat makes it the stronger Pokemon total.

7. Black Kyurem

Black Kyurem

Though it didn’t make it onto our listing of the finest Dragon kind Pokemon – it’s up in opposition to some critically stiff competitors, in any case – Kyurem, or quite its Black Kyurem type, simply barges its approach into our strongest Pokemon listing!

A Dragon and Ice kind Pokemon launched in technology 5 titles Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, the Black type of Kyurem has astonishingly excessive Attack (tied with Crowned Sword Zacian) and really spectacular Sp. Atk. 

Its HP is fairly excessive too – so good luck if you need to tackle this explicit Pokemon! 

6. Mega Garchomp

Mega Garchomp - strongest pokemon of all time

Making an look on our greatest Ground kind Pokemon listing, Mega Garchomp additionally has the Dragon kind – and this monster has the joint eighth highest Attack within the Pokedex!

First showing in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y (although Garchomp itself debuted in fourth technology titles Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl), the Mega variation of Garchomp additionally has very spectacular Sp. Atk, HP and Defense stats.

Those superior stats simply go to indicate precisely why Mega Garchomp locations so extremely on the listing of the strongest Pokemon of all time! 

5. Primal Groudon

Primal Groudon - strongest pokemon

Any time we compile an inventory of sturdy, highly effective or in any other case lethal Pokemon, it’s just about a assure that Primal Groudon will seem on it someplace.

So it needs to be no shock that we’ve got Primal Groudon on the listing of the strongest Pokemon of all time!

Though Groudon itself first appeared approach again in third technology titles Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire, it wasn’t till Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire that it was potential to revert Groudon to its Primal type.

What a type it’s too! Primal Groudon excels in each stat, besides – arguably – Speed and Sp. Def, neither or that are significantly low. 

It’s simply that its Attack, Sp. Atk and different stats are so spectacular – you critically can’t go flawed in including Primal Groudon to your social gathering!

4. Ultra Necrozma

Ultra Necrozma - strongest pokemon of all time

Though Necrozma itself makes it to our greatest Psychic Pokemon listing, the Ultra variant is the place it’s at by way of energy.

This spectacular, Psychic and Dragon kind Pokemon was launched within the seventh technology video games.

Ultra Necrozma’s Attack and Sp. Atk stats are extremely spectacular – and it’s no slouch within the Speed division both!

Oh – and there’s additionally the truth that Ultra Necrozma has the ‘Neuroforce’ capacity – which powers up strikes which might be tremendous efficient.

That’s proper – when Necrozma already has a bonus over its opponent with one among its strikes, it turns into much more highly effective! 

3. Mega Mewtwo X

Mega Mewtwo X - strongest pokemon

As one other Pokemon to function on our finest Pokemon staff listing, Mega Mewtwo X is, like a couple of different Pokemon on this listing, a well-recognized face.

There’s cause for that too – this developed type of the already highly effective OG Mewtwo has the very best single Attack stat in your entire Pokedex!

So why is Mega Mewtwo X ‘only’ at quantity three within the strongest Pokemon listing?

Well, its Sp. Atk stat, whereas not low by any means, is a tiny bit decrease than the highest two Pokemon on this listing – making their energy somewhat extra spectacular by comparability.

That stated, this Psychic and Flying kind Pokemon excels in nearly each different space; on steadiness, it’s undoubtedly one of many best Pokemon out there proper now.

Mega Mewtwo X is definitely a Pokemon that might be a best choice for a lot of Trainers – and we wouldn’t blame them for selecting this absolute beast!

2. Deoxys (Attack Forme)

Attack Forme Deoxys - strongest pokemon of all time

Let’s get one factor out of the way in which earlier than we take a look at the actually good things that comes with the Attack Forme of DNA Pokemon Deoxys: it’s so closely weighted in the direction of assault that its HP, Defense and Sp. Def stats are really underwhelming, to say the least.

That’s why the Attack Forme of Deoxys misses out on the highest spot of the strongest Pokemon listing.

Yet these Attack, Sp. Atk and Speed stats are really devastating – and Deoxys, on this type at the very least, solely has weaknesses in opposition to Bug, Ghost and Dark kind Pokemon.

If you end up needing to cope with an Attack Forme Deoxys, maybe try our finest Bug kind Pokemon listing – after which hope you get in these assaults earlier than Deoxys does!

1. Mega Rayquaza

Mega Rayquaza - strongest pokemon

Like Crowned Sword Zacian and Mega Mewtwo X, Mega Rayquaza additionally featured on our advice for the finest Pokemon staff.

So it shouldn’t be a shock to search out it right here on the listing of strongest Pokemon; particularly as its Attack stat locations it within the high 4 Pokemon within the Pokedex – and its Sp. Ark stat is the second better of any Pokemon too!

Mega Rayquaza first appeared within the third technology Pokemon video games, however this Mega variant didn’t debut till Pokemon Omega Ruby and Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.

Clearly although, it was well worth the wait – this can be a critically sturdy, Dragon and Flying kind Pokemon that’ll make quick work of any opposing Pokemon.

Mega Rayquaza is even perhaps succesful sufficient to decimate whole opposing groups single handed, no matter their energy and composition!

How most of the strongest Pokemon are already in your staff? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!



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