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15 Best Ghost Type Pokemon Of 2022

15 Best Ghost Type Pokemon Of 2022


Get able to be spooked to your very core as we take a look at one of the best Ghost Type Pokemon to your staff!

Ghost Type Pokemon have all the time had a particular attraction. I imply, who doesn’t love ghosts!

As the video games have progressed by way of the generations, some Ghost Pokemon have turn into much less and fewer Ghost like, however that doesn’t imply that they haven’t turn into much less spooky.

From haunted bramble to sarcophagi and blade-wielding spectres, there are such a lot of unimaginable and fairly frankly fascinating and spectacular Pokemon on this record so that you can uncover.

So, seize your Poltergust3000 and head into battle (unsuitable franchise) as we take a look at essentially the most terrifying Ghost Type Pokemon to take to the stadium!

15. Brambleghast

First up on our record of one of the best Ghost Type Pokemon is a beginner onto the scene, Brambleghast!

If you’re considering that Brambleghast appears and sounds prefer it may be partly a Grass Type Pokemon, then you definitely could be proper. It’s a tough Pokemon to evolve in Pokemon Scarlet or Violet because it wants trainers to stroll 1000 steps.

For those who haven’t performed the sport but, the Let’s Go characteristic enables you to go away your major Pokemon working round within the wild as you go about your online business. They’ll stick shut, auto battling and discovering objects.

It’s like really coaching your Pokemon to have recall!

Put Bramblin within the prime spot and let it transfer 1000 steps, then bang – out comes Brambleghast!

14. Hoopa

Hoopa - Best Ghost Type Pokemon

Looking like a cross between Haunter and Esmerelda, Hoopa is a Psychic and Ghost Type Pokemon.

WIth a High Special Attack of 150 and a Special Defence of 130, highly effective strikes are positively on the desk right here. Still, with an assault of 110 too, even regular strikes are going to pack a punch.

Shadow Ball is likely one of the strongest Ghost strikes that Hoopa can use, although to be sincere, most of its moveset is made up of Psychic strikes.

Does that technically want that it’s extra Psychic than Ghost? I suppose you’d should carry it up with Hoopa, although don’t be stunned if its the final dialog you ever have!

13. Golurk

Golurk takes the thirteenth spot in our Ghost Type Pokemon record. It’s large and packs a punch, with punch strikes being its speciality.

Across the board, Golurks stats aren’t that spectacular. Low velocity and low Special Attack make it somewhat bit weaker in comparison with its ghostly counterparts.

Where Golurk shines is a stellar assault stat, racking up 124 in it Pokedex entry.

Golurk is each Ghost and Ground, which sadly means it has all of the weaknesses Ground Type Pokemon succumb to.

Still, it might use Ground strikes and even has some Electric strikes up its sleeve.

I like Golurk as a result of it’s a little bit of an underdog and an allrounder. Hammer Arm and Phantom Force are two of my favorite strikes to tug out in a battle, and so they’ve obtained me out of some sticky conditions thus far!

12. Cofagrigus

Cofagrigus - Best Ghost Type Pokemon

What a bizarre trying Pokemon, proper? Cofagrigus may go away you calling for Mummy (nice joke, proper), but when its in your staff, you’ll be laughing all the best way to the Pharaoh Organ Deposit Point.

Cofagrigus is solely a Ghost Type Pokemon; there’s no mixing and matching available right here. It’s a brilliant defensive Pokemon too with a base defensive stat of 145. It’s Special Defence stat is 105 too, which you’ll agree is fairly spectacular.

That’s the place the nice feedback cease although.

Cofagrigus has horrible HP and assault, 58 and 50 respectively, which implies you’re going to wish to do some arduous work levelling it up with these Rare Candies if you wish to pull it out into battle.

11. Houndstone

Houndstone is one cute buyer. It’s additionally the second new Pokemon present in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet in our record.

As it is a Ghost Type Pokemon (and solely a Ghost Type Pokemon like Cofagrigus), it gained’t shock you to know that it is a reincarnation Pokemon.

Phantom Force and Night Shade are two highly effective Ghost strikes in its arsenal, however Pokemon gamers actually benefit from the Sand Rush transfer, doubling its velocity stat from 68 to 136 at any time when a sandstorm hits.

And I don’t imply the track by Darude both.

With assault and defence as 101 and 100 respectively, this little pooch can greater than maintain its personal in battle.

10. Dusknoir

Dusknoir - Best Ghost Type Pokemon

Dusknoir virtually appears like a haunted model of a Golurk. It appears like an actual arduous hitter, but it surely wouldn’t actually have the ability to maintain its personal in opposition to the opposite spooky characters on this record due to its weak spot to Ghost Type Pokemon strikes.

If you’re searching for a defensive participant so as to add into your staff, one that may take the arduous hits and chip away at an opponents HP, then Dusknoir is your man… ghost… ghost man.

Both its defence and Special Defence stats are 135, making it a strategic selection to tug out when issues are getting robust.

As you may think, it has lots go Ghost strikes obtainable in its transfer set in addition to some tasty Psychic and Normal strikes too. If you’re employed on that painfully sluggish velocity stat, then Dusknoir might turn into a dependable all-rounder.

9. Chandelure

I nonetheless don’t actually know whether or not a chandelier could be a Pokemon, however Chandelure is a fan favorite and a sneaky little ghoul that undeniably cuts the mustard.

One factor I do know is {that a} Pokemon that’s each Dark and Fire is a drive to be reckoned with. Add in the truth that it might use epic strikes like Shadow Ball, Overheat, Fire Blast and Poltergeist, it’s a powerful Pokemon to have in your staff.

Ok, so it’s not that quick, but it surely doesn’t must be with a Special Attack of 145 below its belt.

Can a chandelier put on a belt? Who is aware of!

8. Lunala

Lunala - Best Ghost Type Pokemon

Every Pokemon fan studying this text ought to find out about Lunala. And, in the event you haven’t Played Pokemon Sun and Moon, you actually need to query your life selections.

Looking just like the bat that Golbat all the time wished it might be and one thing that Richter Belmont must be searching down, Lunala is each a Psychic and Ghost Type Pokemon.

And you already know what, it’s obtained some spectacular stats all throughout the board. It’s obtained 137 base HP and Special Attack which is superb.

Its 113 assault stat is fairly good too, however a low defence stat of 89 means opponent hits are going to search out their mark each time and rapidly knock down HP.

Still, even with none stat-souping, Lunala is a superb all-rounder and a sturdy Pokemon to fit into your staff with none worrying.

7. Aegislash

Being a Steel Type and Ghost Type Pokemon positively has its bonuses, making Aegislash a powerful Pokemon that you simply ideally need in your staff relatively than be going through one on the sector.

Eagle eyed readers will see that Aegislash is made up of a protect and sword. In its Sword Forme, it sacrifices its defence stats and pushes them in the direction of assault and Special Attack stats, and in Shield Forme, it does the other and bolsters defence and Special Defence stats.

This isn’t one thing that it’s a must to do manually both. Whenever you do an offensive or defensive transfer, Aegislash swaps its stats round and both packs a critical punch or hunkers down for some defensive duties.

Some may say it’s a little bit of a lever clogs!

6. Gengar

Everyone’s favorite unique ghost boss takes the sixth spot in our greatest Ghost Type Pokemon record.

There have been solely three ghost Pokemon within the unique Red and Blue video games, and so they’re all Gengar’s elbvoution chain.

Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar have been thrilling and unpredictable Pokemon, particularly since you couldn’t see them with out the Silph Scope.

Gengar is quick too, with a base velocity stat of 110. HIs assault and defence base stats aren’t superb, however he makes up for it with a Special Attack of 130.

And with a half Ghost Type/half Poison Type make up, you gained’t be in need of particular strikes to select from!

5. Skeledirge

Skeledirge - Best Ghost Type Pokemon

It’s time for an additional beginner from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Skeledirge is the final evolution of starter Fuecoco, one of many cutest starters in Pokemon historical past!

And sure, Fuecoco did make our finest cute Pokemon record!

Like Chandelure, Skeledirge is a Ghost and Fire Type Pokemon. That means strikes like Fireblast and Shadow Claw are each on the desk.

It additionally has entry to some Dragon Type strikes and some grass strikes too, making it a little bit of an all-rounder.

An all-rounder with distinctive stats too.

with 104 base HP and 100 defence stats, it might greater than maintain its personal in opposition to robust opponents. It’s velocity is missing, so having each Skeledirge and Gengar in a staff could be a very good wager.

Especially as Skeledirge additionally has a excessive Special Attack of 110!

Skeledirge can be helpful for these eager to know tips on how to beat Grusha in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

4. Shadow Rider Calyrex

How cool does Calyrex look in his Shadow Rider variant!

If you’ve by no means performed the Crown Tundra a part of Pokemon Sword and Shield, then this man may look somewhat unusual. Still, the Psychic/Ghost Type Pokemon mixture of Calyrex and Spectrier is an outstanding drive to be reckoned with.

As you may count on from a Pokemon atop a horse, its velocity is significantly spectacular at 150. It additionally has a powerful Special Attack stat of 165 too.

And the strikes; with each Psychic and Ghost sort strikes obtainable to select from, the record of brutal assaults is infinite. If you see Future Sight getting used, run the opposite manner as quick as you possibly can.

Though Spectrier will most likely catch you up!

3. Ceruledge

Ceruledge - Best Ghost Type Pokemon

I believe Ceruledge wins the good trying Ghost Type Pokemon award. With spectral blades and armour that Ganondorf could be happy with, this Pokemon appears and means enterprise.

We’ve obtained one other devastating Fire and Ghost Type combo right here for you. Off the bat, Ceruledge has a crippling 125 assault that may slice by way of the opposition.

And, as I’ve stated many timed earlier than, the combo for Fire and Ghost strikes is a superb combo while you need to land a crushing blow.

Phantom Force, Flare Blitz, and even Psychic strikes like Psycho Cut are unbelievable when used strategically in battle.

With a Special Defence of 100 and base velocity of 85, Ceruledge is effectively positioned to make waves in any match.

2. Dragapult

Dragapult, as you may need guessed, is a Dragon and Ghost Type Pokemon. And it’s one other Speedy critter too, with a velocity stat of 142.

Twinned with 120 assault and 100 Special Attack, and this swooping Dragon ghoulie is a significantly sturdy critter and one which we are able to’t get sufficient of.

Draco Meteor, Dragon Darts, Dragon Tail, Hex, Night Shade – there’s no marvel folks love this little man!

1. Giratina

Giratina - Best Ghost Type Pokemon

Still, dragapult can’t beat the mighty drive that’s Gratina. Yes, Giratina is the last word Ghost Type Pokemon, and I don’t suppose anybody would argue with us on that reality.

Again, a duel Dragon and Ghost Type Pokemon, this beast is relentless in battle. With 150 HP, 120 defence and 120 Special Defence, it’s principally a tank on legs!

In phrases of assault energy, Giratina isn’t missing both, with 100 for each assault and Special Attack. It’s velocity is 90 aswell; how can one thing that large have such good velocity?

As the principle face of Pokemon Platinum, Giratina rapidly grew to become a favorite amongst followers. It’s created from antimatter from the distortion realm and is likely one of the heaviest Pokemon to characteristic within the video games.

Not unhealthy to say it’s a Ghost Dragon, proper?



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