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2183: CD22 Binder Design: Spherical 8

2183: CD22 Binder Design: Spherical 8


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2183: CD22 Binder Design: Spherical 8

Standing: Energetic

Identify: 2183: CD22 Binder Design: Spherical 8
Standing: Energetic
Created: 08/05/2022
Factors: 100
Expires: 08/12/2022 – 23:00
Problem: Intermediate
Description: Design a protein that may bind to CD22! This puzzle has a lowered BUNS penalty in order that gamers can give attention to different Targets–but remember about BUNS fully! This puzzle allows AlphaFold predictions in your designed binder. As soon as you’ve got designed a binder for the goal, add your answer for AlphaFold utilizing the AlphaFold prediction instrument. AlphaFold will predict the construction of your binder chain solely (i.e. within the unbound state, within the absence of the goal). In case you load this prediction, then Foldit will try to align the prediction along with your answer (i.e. within the sure state, making an interface with the goal). In case you proceed working off of the AlphaFold prediction, chances are you’ll must make changes on the interface the place the binder interacts with the goal.

CD22 is a receptor protein discovered on the floor of human B cells. In some sorts of blood most cancers, these B cells change into malignant and proliferate all through the physique, making them tough to deal with with focused remedy. CD22 is a useful marker that distinguishes these B cells from different forms of tissue within the physique. A binder for CD22 could possibly be helpful as a sort of homing system for chemotherapy, particularly focusing on the cancerous cells and leaving wholesome cells unaffected by poisonous chemotherapy medicine.

On this puzzle, we have introduced a piece of the CD22 goal that we predict is an acceptable binding website. The spine and many of the sidechains are frozen, besides on the binding website, the place versatile sidechains are proven in coloration. Gamers ought to design a brand new protein that may tightly bind to those sidechains and acknowledge CD22. With a view to bind the CD22 goal, designs might want to make a number of hydrophobic contacts and fulfill any polar atoms which might be buried on the interface. However designs may even must have a number of secondary construction (helices or sheets) and a big core, in order that they fold up accurately! Observe that the frozen goal already incorporates one BUNS atom at residue 7; the BUNS Goal will penalize this atom, however gamers could not be capable of fulfill the atom with a binder and may ignore it. See the puzzle feedback for Goal particulars.

Classes: Design, Total

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