Home Game Development 3d – How do these sort of standing/equip screens work?

3d – How do these sort of standing/equip screens work?

3d – How do these sort of standing/equip screens work?


My curiosity right here has been consuming away at me for awhile, I hope that is the proper place to ask this.

How are the sort of standing/tools screens dealt with that appear to load a special space or one thing? The manner a few of these kind of menus fade to black when opening them, (bayonetta involves thoughts) give me the impression that issues are being loaded and unloaded, however… I’m guessing that is not the case.
Off the highest of my head, God of War 2018 and the brand new Spiderman video games do that. I assume most will not know the precise solutions for these particular video games, however any perception would assist.

I’ve bought a imprecise concept of how reminiscence and cameras and stuff works, unsure if these are related however. How have they got fashions on these screens do their factor with out messing with the fashions in sport? Do they clone them, or simply use the identical ones and have them return to no matter state they have been in earlier than pausing? Or what?

Is something unloaded or unrendered when going to those screens? They do not seem like overlayed over the gameplay itself like alot of pause menus, so are the environments for these screens at all times out of view or one thing? Or is there another programming trick?



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