Home Game Development 3d – Walking round a sphere (planet)

3d – Walking round a sphere (planet)

3d – Walking round a sphere (planet)


Yet one other query, about strolling across the sphere. I need to say, I’m new to 3D programming..
I’ve researched this problem so much, however I’m unable to get to the answer. I’m utilizing THREE.js.
I can stroll across the sphere, however on some angles, the path converges on to the south pole… I’ve made a codepen, the place you possibly can play with it –
https://codepen.io/LeQwasd/pen/RwMmrmg (Controls: WASD for motion, QE for jaw)

The problem I’m having – is (apparently) – furry ball downside. I discovered this: How do I repair my planet-facing digicam? – I’ve studied it, however I’m unable to decipher the given reply… I’m not certain, apply it inside THREE.js. I’ve discovered the “poleDirection” vector.. (purple arrow within the codepen)..

I Have additionally seemed into this reply – Walking on a sphere

This behaves properly, however this resolution is just not what I need..

The related code, I’ve seems like this:

    replace(delta: quantity): void {
        // Gather inputs
        const path = new Vector3();
        if (this.ok.isPressed("w")) {
        path.z -= 2;
        if (this.ok.isPressed("s")) {
        path.z += 2;
        if (this.ok.isPressed("a")) {
        path.x -= 2;
        if (this.ok.isPressed("d")) {
        path.x += 2;
        // Gather rotation
        if (this.ok.isPressed("q")) {
        this.angle += Math.PI / 180;
        if (this.ok.isPressed("e")) {
        this.angle -= Math.PI / 180;

        const orientation = new Quaternion()
        // Get the rotation so the item aligns with native up
        .setFromUnitVectors(this.up, this.$UP)
        // And apply jaw
        .multiply(new Quaternion().setFromAxisAngle(this.up, this.angle));

        // Point enter velocity within the path
        // calculate new place
        const newPosition = path.add(this.place);

        // Set place
        // Set orientation


        // get native up
        this.$RIGHT.set(1, 0, 0).applyQuaternion(this.quaternion);

        updateChildren(this, delta);



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