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7 Top ideas when color correcting your video

7 Top ideas when color correcting your video


Getting a superb monitor and the correct software program

When you might be enhancing a video it’s all the time a good suggestion to have a superb monitor, it’s much more vital if you’re doing coloration correction/grading.

I’m not going to let you know which monitor to purchase as that’s dependent by yourself private finances, however I’ll give a fast tip to examine whether or not you’ve the proper of monitor.

When shopping for a monitor make sure that it does not less than 90% of the vary for sRGBor REC.709 coloration area. Both are vital as they are typically what most HD monitor or initiatives will show your video at.

UHD screens and projectors will very quickly begin utilizing REC.2020, so if need to get forward of the sport, then I counsel in search of what that matches inside that class.

As far as software program goes, but once more you will want to resolve how a lot cash you need to spend on software program. But when you’re excited about doing video recording critically, you then most likely have some first rate software program.

Premiere Pro and Apple’s Final Cut each have very first rate coloration correction software program already with them. These are very intuitive and straightforward to make use of and do a good job.

Luckily although in case you are strapped for money, BlackMagic do have DaVinci Resolve Lite, which is a free and extremely highly effective coloration correction program. I’d extremely advocate downloading this and use this when coloration correcting. It is a considerably superior piece of software program, however it’s simple to get used to and there are sufficient tutorials on YouTube that may provide help to.

Do keep in mind to ensure your PC can deal with the DaVinci software program although, not that you just obtain it and discover out you possibly can’t use it…

Using graphs will make your life a lot simpler!

There are 3 graphs that you must make the most of: Waveform, Histogram, and Vector graphs. I like to recommend you totally study what each does, as I’ll solely be protecting what to search for to realize a fast coloration steadiness from them.

The greatest benefit of understanding the graphs is that when you can’t afford or don’t have a monitor that hits the correct color spectrums then you possibly can intuitively work from the knowledge the graphs are supplying you with and nonetheless successfully color appropriate, color grading could also be tougher as that’s extra private desire that uncooked knowledge.

The 3 major areas that you just’ll be in any shot are the Shadows/Midtones/Highlights. Each program calls this record of luminescence variations barely in a different way, you may additionally see Blacks/Mids/Whites or Lift/Gamma/Gain. They are just about all the identical, and a few packages could even provide the choice to leap between numerous of every one.

The finest option to discover out what each does to your shot and what kind correction is being given is by experimenting. I typically check it by placing every setting to the intense after which again. Now that I’ve a benchmark I can regulate to what I would like.

Using the graphs, there are a couple of simple tricks to get you began in balancing your picture to a extra impartial state. In the Waveform and Histogram graphs, you’ll see that every one the knowledge lies between 0 and 100 IRE. Use the instruments for the Shadows/Blacks and the Highlights/Whites to usher in line between the 0 and 100 spots.

So, Shadows ought to solely actually hover simply above 0 IRE and Highlights ought to be dropped in order that they’re slightly below 100 IRE. This will make sure that nothing is dropping outdoors of the broadcast vary to your picture.

Midtones are a bit trickier, we’ll discover these a bit bit later, however a fundamental rule of thumb is that mid tones ought to reside between 60–70 IRE. Don’t fear although, altering the mid tones has little or no, to no impact on the place of the Shadows and Highlights.



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