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A classroom in the game Life is Strange.

Image: Don’t Nod

The episodic sport Life is Strange, makes use of excessive schooler Max Caulfield’s potential to rewind time to touch upon friendship and consequence and the truth that, hey, life is unusual. The sport jogs my memory of the everyman character within the story, the Gossip Girl Dans of the world, the Bilbo Baggins-es, who are supposed to signify us because the viewers. Life is unusual, all of us suppose.

Strange, too, is Max’s seniors-only boarding college Blackwell Academy, which gamers can discover, gossip in, and uncover secrets and techniques in as a part of gameplay. But along with intentional weirdness, the fictional college suffers from an unlucky developer oversight—it’s extremely white-centric.

In a 2015 article for Vice, video games journalist and author Shonté Murray-Daniels describes how Life is Strange is “a fairly convincing game about high school life—unless you’re a student of color, in which case it completely ignores your experience.” Subtle racism like this, which is current in almost all video games (even those we actually, actually like) and in actual world colleges throughout the nation, are unlucky reminders which you could escape in video games, for a time, however the actuality they had been made in will at all times ultimately creep by way of.

What do you play school-set video games for? Nostalgia, comfortingly acquainted storylines, or simply as a result of? Tell me, along with a few of your favourite school-set video games, within the feedback.



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