Home Game Design a couple of useful Stickman Mini Videos

a couple of useful Stickman Mini Videos

a couple of useful Stickman Mini Videos


Working with Clip Groups and Creating Flowers utilizing Clones - two Inkscape mini movies

Inkscape Mini Video Tutorials

I recorded some extra newbie ‘mini videos’ utilizing Inkscape. The first one is a fast information to working with the clip teams in Inkscape. The second one is about clones and their use to design flowers. These movies are based mostly on the weekly challenges within the Facebook group ‘Inkscape – hands-on’ I run. I hope a few of this can come in useful.

This is a continuation of the mini tutorials posted earlier and extra mini tutorials. I’m nonetheless at a loss on the best way to submit them on the weblog. Sorry concerning the messy posts. Check them out on my youtube channel.

There are numerous methods to trim designs in Inkscape. You can clip or masks or you’ll be able to create Clip Groups. The latter lets you edit the content material and the clip with out having to launch the clip every time you need to edit the content material or the clip form. It’s an ideal [and often overlooked] software with numerous flexibility and a non-destructive method [rather than trimming your objects via Boolean operations – Difference, Exclusion, or Intersection].



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