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A Mystery Puzzle sport in First Person. Wishlist Now!


A Divinity Simulator in First Person

You seduced me, God, and I let myself be seduced.


A wierd customer intrudes the lifetime of a household.

  • I’m making a sport based mostly upon a movie referred to as Teorema from 1968.
  • See trailer:


Infatuate relations to meet their wishes and attain divinity.

  • Each member of the family has a singular want with their very own gameplay mechanic
  • The participant should appropriately fulfill these wishes to fulfill the member of the family
  • Eg. Father wishes to be nursed/cared for, so the participant can obtain this by means of feeding him fruits to his satisfaction
  • I’ve tried my finest to not make this sport a strolling simulator and as a substitute have fascinating and distinctive gameplay mechanics
  • The sport takes place in and round their household residence (yard, pool, backyard, farm space, gazebo/strolling path space)
  • During gameplay, relations shall be round and inside their residence conducting actions and going about their lives as regular – by means of implementing a timetable with a variety of actions that may be carried out by the relations based mostly on the hour
  • Accordingly, there shall be a day/night time cycle with particular actions for every time – together with a mechanic to hurry up time as effectively


This shall be my first 3D challenge and I hope to make a primary particular person sport that permits gamers to expertise a thriller pushed by the characters throughout the sport that aligns with the sport’s story and setting. I selected to make a sport based mostly upon Teorema as a result of the story and themes of the movie resonate with my strategy to sport design.

I consider within the potential for video games to be cohesive within the tales they inform with the mechanics the participant interacts with to expertise and enact change to the sport world they’re in. Furthermore, I consider that this may be achieved by means of simplifying mechanics and as a substitute amplifying the adjustments they make to the sport world and the characters inside it, to create a way of ambiguity that falls between linear and open gameplay. It’s tough to clarify however hopefully the ultimate product will obtain this XD


I shall be utilizing Unity to develop this sport. I’ve already selected an artwork type that’s barely grained with different post-processing results carried out in Unity to make the sport look vibrant. Also, I shall be utilizing the DOOM type of directional 2D sprites in a 3D sport world, as I’ve most expertise in 2D than 3D, however shall be modelling infrastructure like the house and partitions and so on. with 3D belongings by means of Blender.


I’ve been a very long time follower of devlogs on the discussion board particularly these by Lucas Pope and this has impressed me to begin one as effectively.

I’ve began this Devlog with the sport about 70% executed as a result of I’ve freed up time to place effort into creating and sustaining a devlog with options I can already talk about and most significantly present as a result of I’m at present within the strategy of refining them.

I consider devlogs aren’t solely a approach to share my sport and its growth with the neighborhood however, it is also a approach to articulate the sport I’m creating and to place my ideas on the market and create dialogue with others to assist ease the apprehension of creating video games in obscurity. Feel free to depart your ideas  as I get this devlog underway and I hope to share extra of my sport and talk about it with you all.

Gameplay Screenshots

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I’m at present within the strategy of refining the principle gameplay mechanic of infatuation.


To assist the relations fulfill their wishes, the participant should first infatuate them. This may be achieved by means of spending time with the member of the family, which will increase their curiosity within the participant till they attain some extent of belief, then the participant can start their distinctive want exercise.

When the member of the family is infatuated to a sure extent, they are going to begin to show their emotions in the direction of the participant.

Dad holding on to the participant

Each member of the family has a singular approach to present they’re more and more infatuated with the participant. These visible cues will even help the participant to find out the extent they’ve infatuated a member of the family as effectively.

Mum needs the participant to carry her arms


Another approach for the participant to find out which relations they’ve infatuated and to what extent is thru the staring mechanic.

By clicking the Left Mouse Button, the participant will face the most infatuated member of the family, and UI will show their progress with infatuating that member of the family and others.

Left Mouse Button is pressed and the participant faces mum (essentially the most infatuated member of the family), UI reveals progress of the relations the participant is infatuating which is represented by their faces and fills in response to the extent they’re infatuated.

Once a member of the family is absolutely infatuated by the participant, they are going to information the participant to fulfil their wishes…




Once a member of the family has been infatuated by the participant, they are going to reveal their wishes to the participant to fulfil.


The member of the family will firstly information the participant to a location to interact within the exercise, as indicated by the course they’re pointing.

Mother is directing the participant into the bed room

Sister performs cover and search with the participant

Each member of the family’s wishes are distinctive, and have their very own gameplay mechanics for the participant to unravel and fulfill the member of the family. I’ve tried my finest to simplify these mechanics to make it really feel intuitive and scale back the quantity of prompts the sport has to offer the participant to efficiently conduct these actions, and encourage the participant to recall earlier want actions for the member of the family to help them with finishing the present want exercise.

Brother needs the participant to color him

Once the participant has efficiently accomplished the exercise, the member of the family’s wishes are fulfilled and so they obtain a better state of being that may result in additional wishes for the participant to help them with satisfying till they attain the head of their wishes.




The sport will function a Day Night cycle that units its personal inside sport time. Additionally, because the relations go about their lives throughout the family, they are going to have interaction in numerous actions based mostly upon this in-game time, which the participant can interpret by means of the course of the solar and moon. Furthermore, there shall be a mechanic to hurry up time, to permit gamers to interact with the relations in several settings and to make the sport extra fascinating.

Day and Night

Essentially, I’ve created a timetable populated with actions that the relations will have interaction in all through the day. On the essential degree, activites are grouped in response to a time slot and chosen at random, however as the sport progresses and the relations begin to turn into infatuated with the participant, their moods will change and this shall be mirrored within the actions they have interaction in.

Night time, the moon glows purple

The 2D sprites withn the sport shall be affected by shadows throughout night time time as effectively.

In the backyard at night time

The yard at night time


There are a mess of actions that are geared toward retaining the participant engaged with the sport, in addition to lifelike sufficient to determine a routine within the lives of this household.

Family on the eating desk


In the school room

Sister on the mirror

Divinity Mode

Time flows when the participant needs for it.

Time hastens when divinity mode is enagaged.



Visual Style

I’ve selected to make use of the DOOM type of rendering objects in 3D with 2D sprites for the relations and gadgets that don’t require a lot element. I discover this method to be time saving, as I’m nonetheless studying the fundamentals of Blender which I’m utilizing to create the 3D objects for the sport.


To create the phantasm of objects composed of 2D sprites look 3D, the thing should rotate its sprite renderer to all the time face the participant (aka Look At perform in Unity).

The methodology I’ve used to achieved this in Unity is as such:

  • The character sport object determines which aspect of its physique the participant is taking a look at (Front, Right Side, Back, Left Side)
  • The sprite render selects and shows the suitable sprite based mostly on the above
  • A toddler sport object of the character sport object incorporates the above talked about sprite renderer and is continually going through the participant

As a consequence the next is achieved:

2D directional sprites whereas the character is standing

The most vital factor is that the course that the character faces is preserved, in order that the character’s sprites that are all the time trying on the participant matches the orientation that the character is in whereas shifting.

The identical has been achieved for when characters are sitting (Although their sprites don’t rotate to all the time face the participant, because it regarded a bit bizarre once I was playtesting it):


I’ve spent quite a lot of time reviewing the premise of the sport and it is story, to maintain the sport on observe and to critically consider if I’ve efficiently conveyed this by means of the gameplay and mechanics. I’m about 80% completed, however now’s the time to decelerate on growth and start to conduct much more rigorous playtesting, in addition to to file these playthroughs to create an archive of footage that I can use for once I make trailers for the sport.

Slow Down

It’s vital to decelerate and mirror when creating video games, particularly as a single sport developer creating the complete sport, typically the thoughts turns into too job oriented and is continually discovering options so as to add, issues to implement, code to optimize and so on. and it is rather simple to be caught on this cycle. Therefore, taking time to maintain a pocket book to collate concepts and articulate them will assist in retaining on observe, critically evaluating the sport, and supply the time and medium to mirror on what you’re doing and finally, create a sport that’s not solely complete however is targeted to the extent that it may be decreased to a single premise or a couple of ideas.

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Its been awhile… however the sport is about 95% executed.

I’ve spent nearly all of the time for the reason that final publish residing in a pandemic.

Also, I’ve accomplished the entire gameplay and ranges. The sport basically tells a narrative in two methods:

  • Implicitly by means of exploring the family and the actions of the relations
  • Explicitly by collaborating within the wishes of the relations

The drawback is that the majority gamers might miss the hyperlink between the primary two modes of storytelling, and because of this I’ve included a 3rd

  • Interrupting the gameplay to play a scene

By disabling a gameplay mechanic for one of many characters, in the identical approach {that a} minimize scene does so, it forces the participant to watch and perceive what’s going on. Also, alike minimize scenes by doing this it slows the sport down a bit, and permits the participant to ‘digest’ what’s going on. However, not like a minimize scene, not all gameplay is disabled, the participant can go on finishing the sport however with the opposite relations. Therefore, having simply gameplay scenes fairly than minimize scenes not solely serves as a approach to inform the story however gradual the sport down, permitting the participant to both proceed with the sport or take trip to watch and perceive.

The approach I’ve carried out this within the sport is thru having company which go to a member of the family at sure instances of the day. Each can have their very own particular actions that they are going to have interaction in with the respective member of the family for a sure period, after which the gameplay mechanic for the character re-enables.

A younger man arrives in a automotive

Young man walks in

The women have come to play




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