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Age of Sigmar: Expanding the Skaven, Squigs, Stormcast, and Sylvaneth Holiday Bundles

The Red Gobbo is prepping the presents for all of the kiddies; ensure you know what to ask for to develop your new vacation bundles.

The Age of Sigmar vacation bundles have been introduced, and this yr’s lot appears to be like wonderful. We’ve obtained dragons, timber, ghosts…tons of nice starter forces for a few of the large names within the Realms. Of course, that is ONLY the beginning; you’ll want much more if you wish to increase to a full military. Here are a couple of fast ideas for early buys so as to add to the bundles.

Before Anything Else

First and foremost, you’ll need to buy the related battletome (assuming you’re utilizing the field as a launching level). The fashions are nice, and the collections are numerous, however you continue to want the e-book to know what every part does. If you’re utilizing this to increase an present military, or another person is planning to snag the tome for you, disregard this step.


The unstated evil of the Mortal Realms, the Skaven have seen an enormous upswing in each the variety of gamers and the variety of wins. As such, it’s the proper time to leap into the Chaos Ratmen, and that is the proper field to begin with. You get some devastating infantry items, a couple of ranged choices, and certainly one of my favourite centerpiece fashions in all of Age of Sigmar.

Growing from right here, I’d recommend a couple of bins of Stormvermin for a strong infantry line, no less than one Warp Lightning Cannon to make the most of the Bombadier, and possibly an Assassin. If you need to lay into Clan Pestilens, construct the Screaming Bell as a Plague Furnace, swap the cannon for a Plague Catapult, and spend money on a Verminlord.

Gloomspite Gitz (Squigs)

Just like yearly earlier than, Games Workshop needs you to purchase Squigs for Christmas (severely, they will need to have a backlog or one thing). This field offers you an ideal begin to your offended mushroom drive with two Colossal Squigs, a Loonboss on Giant Squig, some Boingrot Bouncers, and a Squig Herd.

You actually don’t want a lot to make this field higher simply…extra of what you have already got. Grabbing a Loonshrine is after all important, then triple down on the Squig Knights and Squig Herds. If you want some magic, seize a Madcap Shaman, however truthfully, you’ll most likely be unleashing Squiggly chaos WAY too quick to fret about magic.

Stormcast Eternals

The poster boys (and ladies) of Age of Sigmar, the Stormcast Eternals are most likely one of many best armies to get into the sport with. They can do some of every part, they’re straightforward to know, and when you’re an skilled participant they’re surprisingly highly effective.

This is a wonderful starter set containing virtually a full military in itself, and there actually isn’t a lot that may add to it. Maybe a wizard to capitalize in your lack of magic or one other dragon field, however you don’t want a lot. For further munch, take into account snagging Krondys to essentially drive the Targaryen energy residence.


Rounding out the seven bins we now have the Lorax’s secret military, the offended timber of the Sylvaneth. Led by the angriest of all timber herself, Drycha, this field offers you some baseline infantry energy, plus a couple of large guys for punching. Your first purchase after this field needs to be Alarielle, as a result of each Sylvaneth military wants the Beetle Queen to smash in invader face. After that, a few bins of the bug knights, two Awakened Wildwoods, and a Warsong Revenant ought to repair you up. Just be careful for hearth.

Will you be snagging any of the bins?


Originally from North Carolina, Clint involves Austin as the most recent in an extended listing of haunts of a wandering actor. An avid gamer, author, actor, pyrotechnician, and basic nerd, he writes two Age of Sigmar weekly articles for Bell of Lost Souls from a barely lower than meta angle, plus a weekly match roundup. When not busy being a clueless cowboy, Winterfell Bannermen, or no matter else performing life throws at him, he enjoys studying folklore from all over the world, writing narratives for his Wargaming armies, or watching all the films he can. Look for his storytelling podcast, By the Dancing Fire, or discover him on Twitch at RedWendigo13.



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