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Age of Sigmar: From Page to Rage – Black Library Hero Rules Reviews

Age of Sigmar: From Page to Rage – Black Library Hero Rules Reviews


A pair of Black Library heroes are headed to the Age of Sigmar tabletop Saturday, and so they aren’t coming to play.

One of my favourite issues about Warhammer properties is the deep lore behind the sport of plastic troopers. Mighty heroes, harmful villains, and devious plots form the world behind the warfare. Most of the time, we by no means get greater than a glimpse on the distinctive people that stand out from battle to battle within the pages of the Black Library novels. However, this Saturday we’ll get an opportunity so as to add two paragons of the web page to our Age of Sigmar armies. Death generals can add the vengeful Cado Ezechiar, and Order gamers can rent the companies of Captain Drekki Flynt. They have some fairly wonderful guidelines, as anticipated from Black Library stars, and also you’ll undoubtedly need them in your roster.

Cado Ezechiar

Calling himself “the Hollow King”, Cado was the ruler of an enormous kingdom till it was ravaged by a Chaos warband. He didn’t go down with out a combat, nevertheless, and that attracted the eye of Nagash. Bound to the desire of the Great Necromancer as a Soulblighted Vampire, he now seeks revenge for his fallen kingdom and a option to break freed from Nagash.

On the tabletop, Cado is a nasty fight hero and murderer. He can each combat and forged spells, and may use the Hunger to regain any misplaced wounds. He wants fight kills to heal, however with 5 3+/3+ assaults with Rend -2 and a pair of injury, that gained’t be an issue. His signature spell is fairly nice as nicely, permitting him to both dish out some mortals to his enemies or heal a close-by Summonable unit. Should the enemy occur to be Chaos, then his spell will at all times do max injury, such is his hatred for them.

But his hits don’t cease there, and he also can summon the spirits of his misplaced kingdom to help him in battle. They can manifest a spectral steed to extend his velocity, a pricey mage to extend his magical ability, or an historic warrior to make his weapons ignore armor. If you play vampires, you’ll undoubtedly need this man alongside for the trip.

Drekki Flynt

One of the best captains of Barak-Mhornar, Drekki Flynt has earned a reputation for himself as each an ace pilot and a lethal foe. From the deck of his private flagship, the Aesling, he has turned the tide of various battles, and his title is rightly feared by the foes of Order. If the aethergold is sweet sufficient, Drekki Flynt can have your again.

Drekki is a versatile hero that may match nearly any function in a Kharadron military, as long as it’s from his house Skyport. He can designate one in all Frigates in your military as his flagship, pumping the Damage of all its Boarding Weapons by 1. What’s extra, as long as he’s launched into the designated ship, he can take the wheel, permitting it to reroll run and cost rolls.

Once he hits fight, he’s an absolute machine. He has a strong three-barreled pistol that may rating as much as 12 3+/3+ pictures and a steam-powered axe that makes a mockery of armor. Even higher, if there’s a Monster inside 3″ after he’s completed combating, he can hearth a harpoon, dealing 3 mortal wounds on 2+. But don’t assume that infantry heroes are secure both; Drekki has a behavior of constructing off with their prized artefacts. At the beginning of the fight section, Drekki can choose a Hero inside 1″ and shut off one in all their Artefacts of Power on a 3+. No one is secure from this mad Dwarven pilot.

You can obtain the foundations for your self right here, and choose up each heroes beginning this Saturday!


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