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Games Workshop dropped in a replace to the Age of Sigmar 2022-23 Road Map and confirmed off a TON of recent stuff coming quickly.

Let’s begin off with the large image reveals after which zoom in and take a more in-depth take a look at every. For starters we now know which Destruction Battletomes are on the best way!

through Warhammer Community

So there you could have it! The Battletomes for Destruction are the Ogor Mawtribes adopted by the Sons of Behemat. Mark these for an Autumn launch date. So what’s coming with these Battletomes?

For the Ogor Mawtribes we obtained a reveal of the  Bloodpelt Hunter.

According to GW:

“The Bloodpelt Hunter is a curious ogor – while most of his fellows immediately eat their prey and leave only marrow-sucked bones behind, he keeps whole body parts intact, preserved and strung about his person as trophies.”

Now, for the Sons of Behemat, they’re getting the royal therapy with a brand new mannequin.

through Warhammer Community

“You might bear in mind this royal colossus from the Realmgate Wars. King Brodd is again, and what an enormous hammer he has. “

This new Mega-Gargant can be created from an enlargement package for the common Mega-Gargant package. There’s a complete lot of recent doodads which were added to create King Brodd!

And the ultimate massive reveal for the Age of Sigmar information is the brand new Chaos Slaves to Darkness Army Box!


Featuring the brand new Daemon Prince mannequin, new Ogroid Theridons, and new Chaos Warrior fashions, this package has every part you’ll must launch your Chaos Army!

Naturally, since that is a military field, you’ll additionally get the brand new Special Edition Battletome included.


That’s a complete lot of nice stuff coming to Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. What are you most excited to see?


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