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Tzeentch and Teclis are pulling out all of the stops for Mage Fight 2022.

The newest Age of Sigmar Battlebox, Arcane Cataclysm, is up for preorder. As with all its predecessors, the field is packed to the brim with attractive fashions, new guidelines, and helpful equipment. The Lumineth carry their greatest with some Bladelords, Dawnriders, and Sentinels, simply in a position to counter their sorcerous foe at each flip. However, Tzeentch didn’t come to play, and his forces embody some Tzaangors, a large block of Acolytes, and the lethal Enlightened. Leading the 2 forces are a pair of highly effective mages, the Scinari Enlightener and the Curseling in a model new sculpt. These heroes are bringing unbelievable arcane may to the battlefield, and whereas they aren’t going to win many fist fights, they shouldn’t have to.

Scinari Enlightener

In typical style for a warrior of Teclis, the Enlightener is completely balanced defensively and offensively. She has a stable ranged possibility along with her magical blasts, some respectable melee along with her blade and workers, and the standard heavy cardboard armor of a mage.

However, the Enlightener is really in her ingredient in terms of magic. She will get two casts and unbinds each flip, and as soon as per recreation, she will be able to resolve to not roll and forged with a 9. The spell can nonetheless be unbound, however getting an autocast continues to be a potent capability. Not content material with that nastiness, as soon as per flip, she will be able to select to have one among her profitable spells instantly resolve a second time on a 3+. Combined along with her signature spell to share any wounds she suffers with enemy heroes, she will be able to simply do a kamikaze play to take down a pair of highly effective enemies. She’s bringing a large enhance to the Lumineth, not that they wanted it.


While the Curseling was a robust particular character within the World That Was, apparently Tzeentch appreciated him a lot that he determined to make extra. Finally in plastic and with a brand new dynamic sculpt, the Curseling has misplaced none of his edge and gained a stable quantity of energy. He’s more durable than a regular mage due to being a Chaos Warrior, and his sword can do a shocking quantity of labor within the fight section.

While he might seem weaker magically at first look, that is simply one other of Tzeentch’s many tips. His capability to steal the magic of others is not a spell, and he can scale back the casts of his enemies when he makes use of it. This is a straightforward solution to hamstring low-level enemy magic or drain the punch of highly effective foes like Kroak or Teclis himself. While he isn’t the powerhouse that he as soon as was, he extra embodies Tzeentchian trickery. To me, that’s an improve.

Will you be buying the Arcane Cataclysm field?


Originally from North Carolina, Clint involves Austin as the most recent in a protracted record of haunts of a wandering actor. An avid gamer, author, actor, pyrotechnician, and basic nerd, he writes two Age of Sigmar weekly articles for Bell of Lost Souls from a barely lower than meta angle, plus a weekly match roundup. When not busy being a clueless cowboy, Winterfell Bannermen, or no matter else appearing life throws at him, he enjoys studying folklore from all over the world, writing narratives for his Wargaming armies, or watching all the flicks he can. Look for his storytelling podcast, By the Dancing Fire, or discover him on Twitch at RedWendigo13.



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