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Age of Sigmar: Why You’ll Want the New Warcry Sundered Fate Box

Age of Sigmar: Why You’ll Want the New Warcry Sundered Fate Box


Delve into the lethal Gnarlroot to get better a celestial weapon? Sounds like a typical Tuesday in Warcry.

The latest growth for Warcry, Sundered Fate is on the horizon, and it’s bringing some thrilling new issues to the small-scale battlefield. There’s beautiful terrain, new opposing forces, and a mystical marketing campaign that takes you deep into the guts of the Gnarlwood. But is the field value choosing up? I actually assume so. Here’s all the brand new stuff coming your manner within the Sundered Fate field set.

More Terrain

I beloved the Endor terrain first launched within the Gnarlwood field set, and this field provides you much more. You get additional tree platforms, extra bamboo bridges, and obstacles to characterize the skeletons of historic beasts and overgrown Seraphon ruins. This is the proper growth for the unique field terrain and can mean you can lengthen your Gnarlwood surroundings to an entire sport desk in order for you!

New Warbands

Sundered Fate introduces two new warbands, the stone-faced Jade Obelisk and the stealthy Hunters of Huanchi. As a Tzeentch participant, I’m keen on the Obelisk, however each warbands are equally dynamic and thrilling. The Obelisk are gradual (which is sensible as they’re slowly turning to stone), however they’ll manipulate their cube for additional turns or therapeutic, and after they hit you, they HIT you. The Hunters, however, depend on their velocity, stealth, and lethal poisons to take on the enemy from vary earlier than retreating out of their attain. Both warbands are distinctive and can convey new methods to play to your Warcry video games.

An Exciting Campaign

A crashed Seraphon void ship has been found within the depths of the Gnarlwood, coated in lethal flora. However, the circumstances of the crash have drawn the eye of the Chaos Gods, and the traditional know-how inside have to be protected in any respect prices. Take management of one of many included warbands, or add in warbands of your individual to play a modified model of the search for the ship. Will you defend the fallen craft or harvest its arcane payload for the Dark powers?

Which warband is your favourite?


Originally from North Carolina, Clint involves Austin as the most recent in a protracted record of haunts of a wandering actor. An avid gamer, author, actor, pyrotechnician, and basic nerd, he writes two Age of Sigmar weekly articles for Bell of Lost Souls from a barely lower than meta angle, plus a weekly match roundup. When not busy being a clueless cowboy, Winterfell Bannermen, or no matter else appearing life throws at him, he enjoys studying folklore from around the globe, writing narratives for his Wargaming armies, or watching all the flicks he can. Look for his storytelling podcast, By the Dancing Fire, or discover him on Twitch at RedWendigo13.

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