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algorithm – How to restrict the character actions to a delimited space

Consider the beneath pictures get from the Final Fantasy VII and Alone In The Dark video games:
enter image description here

enter image description here

I assume that the above scenes are composed by a set of layers composing the background picture (permitting thus the character to be masked if required and so giving an phantasm of deep), and a 3D character which is, as another characters or particular objects, the one 3D rendering composing the scene. If this assumption is true, then learn how to code a such scene, within the standpoint of the animation and drawing, is fairly clear for me.

What is much less clear, however, is that, in these video games, the participant might transfer solely within the delimited crimson space, and never outdoors. I can not work out learn how to develop a such habits.

So my questions are:

  • What is the identify of the algorithm which limits the motion of the characters contained in the crimson space
  • How to strategy the design and the instruments required to develop a such performance
  • How to develop a such algorithm (in c++ if attainable)

Any assist or information about these factors could be welcome.



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