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Criteria: Grammar and SpellingExceeds Expectations (4 Points): Demonstrates mastery over advanced grammatical constructions and spelling. Minor errors are uncommon and don’t detract from the readability of the writing. Consider experimenting with different sentence constructions to reinforce your writing fashion additional.

Meets Expectations (3 Points): Shows a stable understanding of grammar and spelling with occasional errors. Most sentences are structured appropriately, however frequent errors seem in advanced sentences. Review subject-verb settlement and comma utilization for advanced sentences to refine your writing.

Approaching Expectations (2 Points): Basic grammatical ideas are typically understood, however frequent errors in spelling and sentence construction have an effect on the readability of the writing. Focus on the fundamentals of grammar, particularly the constant use of tenses and the right placement of commas, to enhance readability.

Needs Improvement (1 Point): Struggles with fundamental grammar and spelling, considerably hindering the understanding of the textual content. Frequent and different errors counsel a necessity for foundational evaluate. Start with practising spelling of generally confused phrases and fundamental punctuation guidelines, similar to the usage of durations and query marks.



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