Home Indie Game Any 3d artists wish to make a sport collectively?

Any 3d artists wish to make a sport collectively?

Any 3d artists wish to make a sport collectively?


I wish to attempt to discover an artist who wish to check out a take a look at run on making a small sport collectively. We would negotiate on what to make, however I feel it might be fascinating to work on a small sport collectively initially simply to see if we’re suitable. We would do a take a look at run on a sport and truly attempt to promote the sport on some platform like Steam.

My expertise lie in programming and coding utilizing the Unreal Engine. I can implement options like on-line multiplayer and co-op, on-line buying akin to beauty transactions, packaging/importing builds and configuring platforms like Steam to permit the general public to entry it, AI-Behaviour integration, UI implementation, and different game-loop associated logic.

My weaknesses lie within the inventive aspect, particularly 3d graphics animation and modeling, which is the kind of experience I’m hoping to group up with. I additionally lack the experience in advertising and marketing, promoting, trailer-making, music composition, story writing, and 2nd art work.

I’m hoping to group up with a 3d artist who can praise my expertise and weaknesses and see if would make a great match. I’ve at all times been very enthusiastic about making video video games and I solo-released one sport known as Spell Beats on Steam, and I labored on others that simply haven’t made it to the discharge part but. I discovered that going solo is rather more troublesome than I ever imagined, and I want one other individual with complementary expertise with the intention to accomplish any future formidable targets.

Send me a message if anybody is . Thanks Smiley



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