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Arena Clash – Beta Sign Up

Arena Clash – Beta Sign Up


Arena Clash is a multiplayer vehicular fight recreation the place gamers participate in carnage-filled 15v15 battles in a post-apocalyptic world.

Taking place in a future the place the Earth has been ravaged by the destruction of the moon, Arena Clash sees the remaining factions of humanity battling one another for assets on the behest of Al’s referred to as MOTHER. Using a neural uplink you’re taking management of artificial lifeforms as they do battle in closely armed autos.

Arena Clash options 9 distinctive artificial heroes and over forty unlockable autos throughout 4 completely different classes (Behemoths, Hunters, Raiders and Specialists). Behemoths are heavy and highly effective, Hunters are all-rounders, Raiders are assist autos and Specialists are long-range fighters. Sign up for the Beta and take them for a spin!

Sign Up For The Arena Clash Beta Here (Steam)



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