You are trapped in a round coliseum, and a gladiator with a spear is chasing you. You cannot defend your self, however you may run quicker than the gladiator.

  • You run at 11 ft per second, and the gladiator runs at 10 ft per second.
  • The gladiator’s spear has a spread of 10 ft. You should keep at the very least 10 ft away from the gladiator, or else you may be killed.
  • The gladiator is just not sensible sufficient to take a strategic path that optimally chases you down. They solely head straight in your path.
  • You management the beginning place of your self and the gladiator.

How large does the coliseum should be for you to have the ability to keep away from the gladiator indefinitely?

Generalized, in case your velocity is V, the gladiator’s velocity is W, and the spear size is X, how large does the coliseum should be?

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