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arithmetic – Doomsday will happen within the 12 months with a triple blue moon

Doomsday won’t ever happen

A triple blue moon is mathematically inconceivable.

The lunar cycle has 29.5 days, which implies there is a tad over 12 per
12 months (365/29.5=12.37). Hence, the “further moon” isn’t on occasion, when
the primary full moon happens in early January we get 13 in a 12 months.

Since the cycle is 29.5 days, it is usually attainable for February to get
“skipped”, and this, at the side of 13 moon 12 months, causes the
double blue moon (sometimes Jan and March), or extra hardly ever two doubles
in a row. February is the one month quick sufficient to get skipped, as
all the opposite months are longer than 29.5 days.

To get a triple blue moon, you’d have to have at the very least 14 moons (11,
1 for every month skipping February, plus 3 extra for the blue moons).
To get 14, even when we begin with 1 (wanted for the double), and the
12 months would should be at the very least 13 extra lengthy, however which means a 12 months having 383.5 days.

Hence, it’s not attainable.

i.e. We are all protected.



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