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arithmetic – The city of Concentric

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Here you see a water map of the city of Concentric. There are eight channels that run from the central boathouse of the town in a star form.

There are three canals that lie concentric across the central boathouse.
There is one-way visitors on the canals, indicated by the inexperienced arrows.
On the canals you may sail each methods ; you can’t flip midway ; at a crossing of a canal you could flip.

Every piece of a canal from boathouse to the primary canal or from canal to canal has a size of 4.
Each piece of canal from canal to canal has a size of three (inside canal),
6 (center canal) or 9 (outer canal).

From the central boathouse you must ship six packages, on the addresses indicated with the purple triangles. Then you must return to the central boathouse.

Specify the size of the shortest route you may take to return all packages as a solution.



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