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Ask a Game Dev — Lightning Mailbag: Random Mailer Generation

More questions with fast solutions. Let’s go.


How tough is it to make a shade swap variant of a monster/character/and so on? Is it simply “change the RGB values of the textures, or is there extra too it?

It will depend on how detailed you need to go. If you solely need to change the colours on a mannequin, a shader can try this dynamically. The advantage of having the ability to make modifications to the opposite texture maps (regular, ambient occlusion, specular, and so on.) is you can make the identical mannequin look vastly completely different with sufficient work put in. It will be so simple as altering the RGB values of the feel, or as sophisticated as constructing a wholly new 3D look by texture manipulation.  

Now that The UK is mourning for 12 days, can it have an effect on sport growth like inflicting a serious delay on schedule?

It is unlikely. The mourning interval doesn’t cease companies from working. To my understanding, sport dev studios within the UK will mourn the queen in the event that they so need, however I’ve heard of no studio closures.


How is C# pronounced.  Is is C <hashtag> or C <pound> or one thing else?

It’s C Sharp, just like the musical time period.

Who resolve what the secret will likely be?

It’s often the chief producer. They provide you with a few concepts that undergo the approval course of (authorized, advertising and marketing, govt approval, and so on.) after which the winner will get to be the title of the sport.


Who are the best incomes builders within the trade and the way did they get there? I’m making an attempt to take a look at folks to mannequin my profession after.

The highest incomes builders are often the chief producers answerable for the most important franchise video games. That’s video games like Call of Duty, Pokemon, FIFA, and so on.

Where do you get all of your gifs? You appear to have a bottomless provide!

Google picture search and a very good number of phrases and phrases to seek for. Longtime readers have most likely realized I’ve my very own gif archive that I cycle by.

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