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Become an Aztec God, Predict a Winner, and Create Tasty Peanut Butter | BoardGameGeek News

Become an Aztec God, Predict a Winner, and Create Tasty Peanut Butter | BoardGameGeek News


Board Game: Peanut Butter Belly Time

Time to go small on this submit to give attention to card video games:

Julio E. Nazario‘s Peanut Butter Belly Time, which I lined in May 2022, is being Kickstarted (hyperlink) by Nerdy Nuts, LLC, the sport’s writer and a specialty peanut butter producer that has set an formidable aim for this 2-7 participant sport:


You are peanut butter makers for Nerdy Nuts!

Decide what flavors you wish to create from Chocolate Marshmallow to Banana Cookie and every part in between, then put together your jars and accumulate the suitable components on your particular peanut butter creations. You can add thriller components for further taste, however do not push your luck too far or your candy treats would possibly find yourself too salty as a substitute!

In Peanut Butter Belly Time, gamers draft ingredient playing cards to create jars of peanut butter. Each card additionally has a scoring rule on it, however just one card will rating for every jar. Players might take orders from a central show if they will fulfill them, and an order replaces a jar’s regular scoring. Players can even compete for ingredient majority playing cards.

Board Game: Linko!

• In 2023, AMIGO Games — the U.S. department of AMIGO Spiele — will launch the brand new model of Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling’s Abluxxen in English, a brand new model of Kramer’s Take 5! with revamped graphics (which I consider is a brand new model of 6 nimmt!, not the separate however related Take 5!), and Haim Shafir’s Halli Galli Junior.

Fila is a print-and-play sport from Femi of Centroid Games, with a Kickstarter marketing campaign additionally making bodily copies accessible in 2023. Here’s an summary of this 4-6 participant sport:


Fila consists of a 21-card deck, with every card having a degree worth. To begin, reveal quite a few playing cards face up based mostly on the participant rely.

Board Game: Fila

On a flip, draw a card from the deck and with out taking a look at it present this card to 2-3 different gamers, then place it face down in entrance of you. After all gamers have three playing cards in entrance of them, write down your predictions for which participant has probably the most factors or whether or not there is a tie for prime rating, then predict what number of factors every participant has. Players win or lose factors based mostly on the accuracy of their predictions, and whoever has the best rating wins.

Studio Tecuanis has been creating Aztec-inspired art work, attire, and toys for years, and it launched its debut sport — NAWALLI — on Kickstarter (hyperlink) in late October 2022, with the sport additionally being accessible afterward its web site. Here’s an summary of this 2-4 participant sport:


In NAWALLI, a creature battle card sport based mostly on Aztec mythology, you tackle the function of a shapeshifting sorcerer often called a Nawalli to summon Nawals — allies equivalent to creatures of the forest, ghosts, and monsters to battle within the arenas.

The sport comes with 4 partially pre-built decks, representing Aztec gods from the 4 instructions: Tezkatlipoka, Tlalok, Ehakatl, and Xipe Totek. In the principle sport mode, gamers choose one deck, then draft a complementary crew of creatures, objects, and spells earlier than doing battle within the area.

From gallery of W Eric Martin

Each creature you summon has distinctive skills based mostly on the twenty Aztec Daysigns, e.g., Eagle permits your creatures to fly one lane over to assault, Jaguar permits shifting one lane earlier than attacking, and Snake permits consuming defeated Nawals to soak up their powers.

Nawals may be mixed collectively to create a hybrid creature with extra well being, energy, and each units of skills. Shapeshifting a Nawal restores its life fully, so end off your opponent’s wounded creatures to keep away from giving them a robust play.



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