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bidding – In bridge, must you be extra cautious with takeout doubles over one spade?

With a hand like ♠ Axxx ♡ KQxx ♢ Kxxx ♣ x, I might gladly make a takeout double over one membership. That’s as a result of my companion would have a alternative of three fits to bid on the one stage.

Change the hand in order that the (singleton and bid) had been in spades: ♠ x ♡ KQxx ♢ Kxxx ♣ Axxx. Now, if I make a takeout double, companion must reply in a swimsuit on the TWO stage, presumably with as little as ♠ xxxx ♡ xxx ♢ xxx ♣ xxx.

In this case, I might double one spade (reluctantly) if not susceptible versus susceptible, and move in any other case.

Edit: Opposite a “Yarborough,” I count on my hand to be price 5 methods on offense. Thus, I’m prepared for my companion to contract for seven methods however not eight, thereby “overbidding” by two methods, however not three, with equal vulnerability, towards the opponents’ presumed sport.

Does one must be extra cautious about takeout doubles over a spade bid than a minor swimsuit? That is to say, is my reluctance to danger down three nicely based, that means that I’ve “drawn the road” in a very good place? A sure professional appears to assume so (within the day by day query).

This query is for rubber bridge; duplicate is a special animal.



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