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Braingle » ‘Date Linking’ Mentalrobics Article

One strategy to keep in mind a date is to consciously hyperlink it to a date or truth that you just already know. For instance, you may keep in mind somebody’s birthday by remembering that it’s precisely two months and two days after your birthday. There are many dates (birthdays, holidays, anniversaries) that you just already know, and it is extremely simple to hyperlink new dates to those utilizing easy arithmetic. The linking methodology works for 2 causes. First, it associates a date with one other date that you’ll always remember (for instance, your personal birthday!). Second, merely determining the affiliation will hold you serious about the date lengthy sufficient for it to get into your long run reminiscence.

You may also hyperlink dates to necessary details. For instance, in case your sports activities buddy has a birthday on April ninth, you may do not forget that April 9 is 4/9 which is the 49ers — San Francisco’s soccer group.



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