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Many mnemonics depend on making visible associations in your thoughts. The nature of those visualizations has loads to do with how nicely you’ll keep in mind them.

Making loopy associations in your visualizations will enable you to keep in mind the knowledge later. If you are attempting to affiliate a canine with a stapler, a poor affiliation could be a canine standing on a stapler. The mind filters out and forgets issues which might be unusual. If you get slightly loopy, you may have a extra memorable affiliation. Maybe you can image a canine with a stapler for a mouth! In addition to creating the pictures extra fascinating, loopy associations are inclined to take extra time to kind and thus offer you a greater likelihood at getting them into your long-term reminiscence.

Here are two strategies that may assist make your associations crazier.

1. Try a substitution. For instance, substituting a stapler for a canine’s mouth.

2. Try an exaggeration. For instance, an enormous stapler chasing a scared canine down the road.



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