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Braingle » ‘Hardware Store’ Brain Teaser

Fred went to a ironmongery store in Boston with Alex, Ben, and George. He famous {that a} hammer value ten instances as a lot as a screwdriver and an influence noticed value ten instances as a lot as a hammer. The storekeeper stated that Ben might purchase an influence noticed, George might purchase a screwdriver and Alex might purchase a hammer. Based on this what would the storekeeper let Fred purchase?


Alex’s full identify is Alexander and Ben’s full identify is Benjamin. George was Alex’s boss and good buddy.


Fred might purchase all three (the ability noticed, hammer and screwdriver) since he had $111 with him (a $1 bill-George Washington, a $10 bill-Alexander Hamilton, and a $100 bill-Ben Franklin). Boston is within the USA and due to this fact makes use of the US foreign money I simply described.

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