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Braingle » ‘I Wonder 2’ Brain Teaser

Braingle » ‘I Wonder 2’ Brain Teaser


The toaster.

The first electrical toaster was invented in 1893 in Great Britain by Crompton and Co (UK) and re-invented in 1909 within the United States. It solely toasted one aspect of the bread at a time and it required an individual to face by and switch it off manually when the toast seemed executed. Charles Strite invented the fashionable timer, pop-up toaster in 1919.

Otto Frederick Rohwedder invented the bread slicer, which he began engaged on in 1912. At first, Rohwedder got here up with the thought of a tool that held the slices along with hat pins (not a hit). In 1928, he designed a machine that sliced and wrapped the bread to forestall the sliced bread from going stale. Pre-sliced bread was popularized by Wonder Bread in 1930, serving to to unfold the toaster’s reputation additional.

The trace refers back to the widespread phrase “The neatest thing since sliced bread”.

The title is a refined trace to “Wonder Bread”.



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