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Braingle » ‘Neurons’ Mentalrobics Article

The mind is made up of billions of nerve cells, referred to as neurons. There are over 100 million neurons per sq. inch of your mind! Neurons talk to close by neighbors by way of electrical and chemical alerts despatched between axons and dendrites.

An axon is an extended slender projection from a neuron which transmits alerts away from the cell and in the direction of different close by neurons. Bundles of axons make up nerves and are the first manner that alerts are transmitted all through the physique. The axons in your spinal twine will be so long as 3 ft.

A dendrite is a projection from a neuron that receives alerts from the axons of its neighbors. A neuron may have a lot of dendrites however just one axon.

The interface between a dendrite and an axon is named a synapse. The sign is transmitted alongside the axon as {an electrical} impulse. Once it reaches the synapse, the discharge of chemical neurotransmitters transmits the sign to the dendrites of different neurons. Each neuron can be have between 1,000 and 10,000 synapses.



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