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Braingle » ‘Remembering Numbers with Pegs’ Mentalrobics Article

The peg mnemonic system can be utilized to recollect lengthy numbers. Since every digit has its personal pegword, you merely have to hyperlink the pegwords collectively to recollect every subsequent digit. Here are the rhyming pegwords for every digit.

Zero Hero
One Bun
Two Shoe
Three Tree
Four Door
Five Hive
Six Sticks
Seven Heaven
Eight Gate
Nine Wine
Ten Hen

For instance, for example that your bank card quantity is 5831-7489-2467-0000 (not an actual bank card quantity!). You may memorize this by linking the phrases: hive-gate-tree-bun-heaven-door….

Use this system to recollect account numbers, PINs, cellphone numbers, social safety numbers, and so forth. You may even memorize the digits of pi (3.14159265…) utilizing this technique.



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