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Braingle » ‘”The Andy Griffith Show”‘ Trivia Quiz

Question #1

How many bullets was Barney allowed to have in his gun?

Question #2

In the introduction to “The Andy Griffith Show”, Andy and Opie are going to do what?

Question #3

The city of Mayberry had what number of jail cells?

Question #4

What did Andy love to do on his porch with Aunt Bee?

Question #5

What form of gun did Andy Taylor carry each day?

Question #6

Opie’s hair was what colour?

Question #7

How a lot was a gallon of gasoline within the little city of Mayberry?

Question #8

The city drunk, Otis, appreciated to drink what?

Question #9

How many bars have been in Mayberry?

Question #10

Barney was married.



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