Home Puzzles Braingle » ‘The Captive Assassin’ Brain Teaser

Braingle » ‘The Captive Assassin’ Brain Teaser

Braingle » ‘The Captive Assassin’ Brain Teaser


Listo, the chief of a band of assassins, was taken captive by an opposing kingdom. “Give your daggers,” stated one of many generals, “Or you might be to be executed. But because you killed so a lot of our knights, we will offer you a small check. You should say an announcement. If the assertion is true, we burn you on a stake. If the sentence is fake, we stab you thru the center. If you don’t say something, you might be thrown to the lions. If you say one thing we won’t confirm, you can be pressured to drink a cup of hemlock. If it isn’t an announcement or if it’s a paradox, we merely toss you into the close by volcano. We shall offer you one hour to ponder.”

What ought to Listo say?



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