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Let’s discuss capabilities first. In normal, Grand Slam shouldn’t be bid except one can establish all 13 methods anticipated to be made.

If North is making the ultimate 6/7 resolution in Spades after a Blackwood public sale then solely 12 methods could be counted except the Diamond J is one way or the other positioned: 5 Spades; 3 excessive Diamonds; fifth diamond after one ruff; and A,A,Okay in Clubs and Hearts.

If South is making the ultimate resolution small slam is likewise the utmost. It is tough to conceive any public sale enabling South to rely methods as an alternative of counting on controls and an general power evaluation of 32-43 mixed factors.

Now for a attainable public sale enjoying Two-Over-One-Game-Force, (assuming no interference from the weak and unshapely E-W palms):

  • N: 1 Diamond
  • S: 1 Spade:
    6+ factors, 4+ Spades.
  • N: 3 Spades:
    Game invitational in Spades exhibiting 18-19 factors, and both 4 Spades or 3 to a prime honour (ie A/Okay/Q) with a aspect singleton.
  • S: 4 Hearts*:
    Slam invitational exhibiting a (both first or second) excessive card management in Hearts and denying such in each minors.
  • N: 4 Spades:
    Nothing additional.
  • S: 4NT:
    Roman Keycard Blackwood (1430) as South can see the 8/9 card slot in Spades and 32-34 factors within the two palms.
  • N: 5 Spades:
    Two plus the Spade Q.
  • S: 6 Spades:
    As mentioned above, there isn’t any means for South on this public sale to establish the methods wanted for Grand.

* This cuebid sytle is one effectively price discussing with companion:

  • First cuebid by every companion should be a high-card management, both A or Okay, and denies such in any go well with disregarded.

  • Subsequent cuebids by every companion could be both a high-card or a distributional management, however once more denying such in each go well with disregarded.

  • First and second spherical controls are handled equally.

  • The objective is to extra shortly establish, or remove chance of, any go well with with two quick losers. This expedites small slam investigation on the attainable expense of grand slam investigation. Many partnerships discover this trade-off worthwhile.

Also, some partnerships reverse the that means of North’s 3 NT (to convey “simply joking companion – I’ve misplaced curiosity.” In that case North would name 4 Clubs as an alternative to point out continued curiosity, and the public sale would proceed as earlier than.

Here’s an public sale that finds 7 Spades with out being ridiculously aggressive:

  • N: 1 Diamond
  • S: 1 Spade
  • N: 3 Diamonds:**
    Game invitational exhibiting 16-19 with 5 or extra good Diamonds.
  • S: 3 Hearts:
    Game forcing as exhibiting 10+ vs 16+.
  • N: 3 Spades
  • S: 4 Diamonds:***
    I’ve a face card for you, however no A/Okay in Clubs.
  • N: 4 NT:
    RKC-1430 with Spades agreed.
  • S: 5 Diamonds:
    Zero or three.
  • N: 5 Hearts:
    Do you’ve gotten the Spade Q additionally?.
  • S: 5 NT:
    Yes I do.
  • N: & Spades:
    I can rely 13 methods: 5 Spades, 5 Diamonds, and A/A/Okay within the spherical fits.

** It is unclear to me that the North hand right here is sort of the precise holding for a rebid of three Diamonds as an alternative of two Clubs, most notably as a result of it each hides the Spade match and may promise a very good six card go well with; but it surely actually would work on this hand (with the precise partnership agreements).

*** One should have good understanding with Partner when making a name resembling this to make sure Partner does not mis-read it – specifically:
– when it reveals a management;
– when it reveals a excessive honor (ie A/Okay/Q); and
– when it reveals a face card (ie A/Okay/Q/J).

One attainable settlement is to make use of them when Partner has, respectively:
– opened or just bid;
– opened and rebid; or
– opened and bounce rebid
the go well with.

Hand Evaluation

The South hand evaluates as about 14 factors on the deal, and probably upgrades to about 15 if North rebids Diamonds strongly:

  • A/Okay/A within the majors for 11;
  • J/J within the brief minors for 1; and
  • Both doubletons (Goren model) or one doubleton and Spade size (extra fashionable) for two;

The North hand evaluates to about 18-19 factors as follows:

  • Spade Q, Diamond AKQ, CLub A for 15;
  • Heart Okay for two; and
  • Heart Singleton and Diamond size for 2-3

Call it both a very good 18 or a weak 19.

With a complete mixed power of 32 on the deal, rising to 33-34 on the bidding and each an simply recognized slot in Spades and a robust aspect go well with in Diamonds, discovering small slam not less than shouldn’t be tough.

In a robust membership sport or higher I’d count on not less than half the sphere to discover a small slam in both Spades or Notrump. With two good 5 card fits in 8 and seven card suits respectively, plus all of the aces and keycards in each fits and no interference, there appears no excuse to overlook the slam except one has poor partnership understandings. Even a devoted Goren partnership with simply 1430 RKC ought to discover not less than small slam in Spades or Notrump on both the identical public sale as (1) above or:

1D 1S; 3D 3H*; 3S 4D; 4NT 5D; 5H 5NT; 6S/NT Pass

the place [*] creates a sport drive.

Evan an egregious first rebid by North of two Clubs ought to nonetheless discover a small slam after a 2 Heart (Fourth-Suit-Forcing (and synthetic) rebid by South.

The auctions described above and within the reply by ruds all hinge on the primary rebid by North, and its right interpretation by South. There are three potentialities:

  • 2 Clubs:
    Non-forcing, non-invitational, and hides the spade match: an issue. Partner can cross 2 Clubs with higher Clubs than Diamonds and a naked minimal of factors, say 5-7. A hand resembling KJTxx xx xx Jxxx will discover it tough to keep away from passing 2 Clubs regardless of being virtually chilly for a 4 Spade contract.
  • 3 Diamonds:
    Non-forcing and invitational, however nonetheless hides the Spade match. It works on this deal as a result of South has extras, and specifically the Diamond J. However once more companion can cross with a desire and a naked minimal, say on KJTxx xxx xxxx x.
  • 3 Spades:
    Yes, this shall be taken as exhibiting 4 Spades; however three to a excessive honour, a working singleton, and full values elsewhere is sort of acceptable. With a balanced hand and a bit additional Partner can (and may) settle for the invitation with 3NT relatively than 4NT when holding a 4-card Spade go well with.

    All selections for East are a lie in some regard: however which name entails the smallest or least error-prone lie? To not make this name places numerous stress on Partner to rebid a 5 card Spade go well with – which is a nasty behavior to be prevented not inspired. Hence that is my alternative of name for the hand.




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